The Blog Squad: Part 31

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions. 


Do you re-read books?

I do reread a lot of books actually. I will reread just because I loved the series so much and sometimes when I’m in a book slump I like to reread old favourites - they are comfortable and remind me why I love reading so much in the first place.

I will also reread when I really like a series and I’m getting a new instalment. I especially like to do this when I receive the next book for review and it’s just been a little too long since I last read the previous book/s. I feel like it’s the fairest way to judge the series and I find I often pick up on small things I might have missed before. Thank goodness Goodreads now counts re-reads towards the yearly challenge goal!

Oh course! I’ve reread Harry Potter many many times but sometimes they’re not full rereads. Sometimes I go straight to a part or chapter I love and read it! Generally I reread favorites when I’m in a slump. Harry Potter and LOTR have a way of getting me out of slumps.

I also reread when I’m not in the best mood. When I’m not in a good mood I rarely start new books because I worry my bad mood will seep into my feelings for the book so I go to the books that I know I will love for sure!

Do you have any bad reading habits?

I definitely have a couple of these… It’s horrible to admit though!

Every now and then I’ll find myself so intoxicated by a book I’ll read so fast that I miss words here and there and I’ll find myself going ‘huh?’ and having to reread. I find this happens ESPECIALLY when there’s a lot of dialogue going on.

I’ve also been known to have a teensy tiny little peek ahead in a book every now and then… Because I just GOTS TO KNOWS! Willpower normally keeps me in the right place, but every now and then I succumb. Oops.

**goes to hide after these deep confessions**

I sure do :P I skip some parts at times. Like when I book seems to be dragging I just skim through. WHAT??? Life’s too short!!

And like my squad members, I take a peek ahead too. This seems like a common bad reading habit though! I just can be like really impatient. But These bad habits hardly come into play with books I enjoy. It’s only when things get boring or draggy that my evil side comes out to play!

Do you have any reading traditions?

I don’t really have traditions per se, however as a parent of a three year old I’ve started some little family reading traditions like holiday themed books before the various holidays (Easter for Easter, Christmas for Christmas etc.) and then story time at the library and obviously there’s the time honoured tradition of the bedtime story.  

Tradition? Well these days, I never start reading without having something to crunch on at arm’s length! Other than that, I doubt I have any particular routine or tradition!

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