Weekly Round-Up: I'm baaaaaack

I'm back after a week away at camp! It had its good and bad aspects, but overall I'm just glad to be back home. 

Otherwise, things are ok. I'm so tired all the time, intimidated by the editing I need to do on my novel, and struggling with some personal things too. It's a pain, but I'm excited for Christmas. I love the family gatherings :) 

Posts of the last two weeks: 
Book Review: KEEPER

None of these books are wowing me, but I am enjoying Prisoner of Ice and Snow.

I got an amazing paperback haul this week, four of the books ones I hadn't even requested. I am SUPER excited to dive into them! 

Among the leading movie nominations are The Shape of Water with seven, Lady Bird with four, and I, Tonya, The Greatest Showman and Dunkirk with three each.  

IT LOOKS SO AWESOME. Just please let my baby Newt survive. That's all I ask. Please. 

Their wedding is to be held in St. George's Chapel on the 18th of May 2018, and will have live TV coverage. 

Because I was away at camp and because I haven't yet had the chance to catch up, I am begging you guys to promote your blog posts! Simply leave the links to one or two posts you've published in the last week or so in a comment on this post, and I promise to visit them, leave a comment, and share them on Twitter. That way you get some promotion and I get to read what I've missed. 
Please leave your links!! 

What's up, peeps? How's your week been? Can you believe it's almost Christmas?! What are you currently reading

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