Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Resolutions

2017 is over. It's been the year of Harvey Weinstein, MeToo, Wonder Woman, the Women's March on Washington, and countless other things we've wept or cheered over. I'm nervous for 2018, but trying to be optimistic. More than anything, I hope this year brings me closer to God. That's my top priority.

2017 has been a great blogging year for me. I've been connecting with new publishers and authors, and have been slowly redesigning and revamping my blog's look and feel. I've also, as of recently, been braver about sharing my opinions - sometimes controversial - online. I've grown particularly as a feminist, and have been following international news and politics more than I've ever done in the past. I think I've learnt a lot this year that I didn't know in 2016, and my passion for certain causes has deepened and matured.
I've also met lots of amazing new blogger friends, beta-read a novel for a writer friend, discovered amazing content all over the blogosphere, and with my squad ladies, Di and Uma, started The Blog Squad series.

But it hasn't been an easy year. Over the last few months I've struggled with the side effects of a skin medication I was taking. I had moments of feeling incredibly low and struggled to feel comfortable with myself. My attitude towards schoolwork also hasn't been great, and I've lacked motivation to do things I should be doing.

I've spent less time focusing on God and His Word. That's something I'm determined to turn around in 2018. I need to turn to Him, to trust Him, and cry out to Him when I'm in distress. I also need to serve Him more.
I plan to do that in 2018 - by His grace.


This is a huge one. I was fairly good about reading my Bible last year, but the last few months of 2017 went downhill and I seriously slacked. For 2018 I plan to read my Bible every day, answer some simple Bible Study questions alongside the reading, trust God with my whole heart, and prioritize Him and His Word above reading, blogging, and other life stuff.


When I turn 18 in May (HELP THAT'S SOON) I'm going to apply for a job at our local DVD store. I'm feeling fairly confident about it, but I'm also a bundle of nerves at the same time.


UGH I NEED TO EXERCISE SO BADLY. I have been practicing the splits - which is incredibly fun but kinda useless in terms of exercise - so that's cool, but I really really really want to get more muscle.
2018 will be the year. I hope.


I NEED TO WRITE MORE. I need to improve my writing by writing more, and I need to write more than just the annual NaNo challenge.  My 2017 NaNo novel also needs a lot of editing, so I'm determined to get down to that as well.


I'm a tiny socially awkward potato who prefers fictional characters to real people and gets on better with her bed and Netflix than social situations.

But I need to make more friends. 2017 has been a hard year predominantly because I've - deep breath, - been so lonely.


Less Netflix, less kindle, less phone, less computer. As I prioritise God, His Word, and my writing, I'm planning to cut down drastically on screen time.


I think I need to "chill out" a bit when it comes to blogging. I need to remember that it is, indeed a hobby, and that "real life" has to come first. I need to keep things in perspective. I need to relax a bit.

Happy New Year!

What do you think of my resolutions? What are yours for 2018? Chat with me! 

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