Romanticised abuse | Introduction

- Join us. Start posting. 
- Share examples of romanticised abuse you've seen in books or films - doesn't even have to be a whole book or film; simple one scene is enough, if there's an instance of romanticised abuse in it.
- Please link to my blog as the original creator.

It's 2018. Everyone is making resolutions, and I'm making a few as well: fight against romanticised abuse wherever and whenever I see it, and crush the idea that romanticised abuse reflects ideal relationships and real love.

The goal of this blog series is to call out films, books, and the media for glamorising abusive "romantic" relationships. I'm starting the series because stalking a woman is not sexy. Biting her - even if you're a freaking faerie - is not hot. Because a healthy relationship is not a man doing what he wants to a woman because he claims to know best. That is not love. It's not romance. I stand against such toxic, evil ideas, and the harmful messages they send to the public. I want more people to recognise those messages and relationships for the wickedness they are.

I shall not be silent. I will not let real life victims' experiences be trivialised. I will NOT let series like Fifty Shades of Grey distort the reality of real love. I will not be shut down because, these so-called love stories are depicting abuse. It's violence against women. 

Please join me. Please be vocal. Please talk about this topic. It's your fight, too.

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