Top Moments in Film/TV that made me cry

I cry a lot in movies and TV shows. Whether it's a wedding or a funeral or a pet bunny getting run over by a car (kidding. That never happened. And I totally wouldn't cry over that. #sorrynotsorry. No offense to bunny-owners) the tears come fast. I get so invested that it takes very little to get me bawling.
Obviously, books have almost the same effect. But I do cry less easily in books. I definitely have sobbed over a few bookish deaths, etc (Finnick's death, anyone?) but it's less of a thing. 

This post is a list of some of the TV shows and movie moments that have - and occasionally still do - made me cry. And by cry, I don't mean a single tear slipping melodramatically down my cheek, I mean sobbed. This list is of The Moments. The "my life is ending why why why such tragedy my chest aches my lungs hurt I can't freakin' breathe" moments. 

And I could choose more moments, but you gotta stop somewhere right? 

Rose and Ten's separation // Doctor Who season 2 // 
My poor babies. This isn't actually a death, but to be fair they got separated for all eternity - although not quite cos they reunited later and Ten basically cut himself in half so Rose got the human half to supposedly live with forevermore and okay my argument's crumbling here BUT IT STILL COIUNTS BECAUSE THE MOMENT OF SEPARATION WAS TOUGH. I sobbed my guts out. They were going to be together, but then Rose got sucked into the parallel universe and it was bye byes. The situation then became even more heartbreaking when Ten "called" her and the "connection" cut off before he could say he loved her. LIKE JUST RIP OUT THE REST OF MY SOUL WHY DON'T YA
And if their goodbyes don't tear you up, then the shot of David Tennant standing alone in the Tardis with a single tear running down his cheek and his mouth open to say "I love you", definitely will.
If it still doesn't, then you're heartless. 

Kate's death // White Collar season 1 // 
I honestly did not know how to cope when this happened. I'm kinda over it now (lol that sounds so dumb) but during my obsession with the TV series I struggled for a while (#nolife). For those of you who don't know: When Neal got out of prison, Kate had supposedly been kidnapped - I say supposedly because until the very end it was never confirmed whether she was actually working with the bad guys or not (I hold to the assumption she wasn't because it makes her good and perfect and the perfect soulmate for Neal #biasedlogic, although in retrospect they had literally no chemistry so great shipping, Amy). So anyway, when Neal finally caught up with her, she agreed to escape with him and start a new life. But then the plane blew up. With her on it. Neal's reaction was beyond painful, and lasted a whole other series while he embarked on a quest for revenge (#convenientwriting). But the thing that hurts me so much about their story, is that we'll never know whether Kate was playing him the whole time or whether she was just a victim. The real tragedy is the unknown - and that she died before they could resolve things.
Poor Neal. My baby. 

Sybil's death // Downton Abbey season 3 // 
Oh my shattered heart. Sybil's death was the first major movie moment I remember sobbing at. It's a heartbreaking story: Tom and Sybil returned to Downton with her pregnant with their first child, but when the labour started there were huge complications. Her wealthy family consulted a pompous, high class doctor who'd been brought in for the occasion, and when the birth reached a "do this now or she dies" moment, he suggested one solution, the local village doctor another way. Sybil's husband, pressured by her family, went with the rich doctor's opinion, and to everyone's joy Sybil and her little girl survived the birth. The joy was short lived. During the night, the family were awakened by screaming, and gathered helplessly around Sybil's bedside as she tossed and writhed screaming "my head! My head!". It was a result of eclampsia. A result of the misguided doctor's judgement. She died, with her husband and family clutching at her. It was extremely traumatic, and made worse by the fact that Sybil was my favourite character on the series and she and Tom my favourite couple. It totally tore me up. (And don't ask why, but in later years I've rewatched her death three times. Sobbed every time.) 

Kili's death // The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies // This broke everything I had. Unlike basically the whole universe and devoted fandom, I actually loved Kili and Tauriel's romance, and was heartbroken with the way he died: stabbed right in front of her. It was torturous. (But I do think the writers should've had her kill that stupid Orc for revenge, not had Legolas do it. It would've been more satisfying.) (FYI: This image is of Tauriel. I couldn't find one of dead Kili.)

Gwen's death // The Amazing Spiderman 2 // 
This literally destroyed me. Out of this list, it takes the tissues. Not only were Emma Stone and Andrew an OTP in real life (they've since broken up but we're not talking about that because #nothealedyet) but their relationship as Spidey and Gwen was so well written and well developed. Their chemistry won everyone over. They were absolute magic together, and have since been cited as the only thing the Amazing Spiderman films had going for them.                      
Then Gwen dies. Yes, I knew it was coming and yes the writers tried to ease us into it by dropping huge hints throughout the film that she wouldn't make it, but it still hurt like heck. The way she dangles, then the spider thread snaps, then Spidey swoops down with another thread and implicitly kills her, is absolute dark perfection. It's perfection because it's a beautifully crafted scene and because the acting is so up there, but it's dark because it's as raw and real and gut-wrenching as it gets. Hearing her neck snap as she hit the ground was just another stab in the heart for me - and then I had to watch Spidey sobbing over her body WHICH TOOK EVERYTHING OUT OF ME, NOT GONNA KID. Gosh it hurt. Still hurts whenever I think about it (like looking at the above image THANKS AMY and my stomach's twisting now so there's that and I'm sad now).
And yet, I have a lot of respect for the writers because in my opinion they wrote a death scene that is cinematic mastery yet to be topped. It was so well-done.
But flip, it's never stopped crushing me. 

Amy and Rory's departure // Doctor Who season 7
This wasn't a death but it sure felt like one. Rory and Amy's relationship was something incredible, a love story definitely better than Twilight and one that, despite only being subplot in the show, always felt like more than that. 
Amy started off as the Eleventh Doctor's single companion, but they were soon joined by Amy's childhood friend, Rory. The two of them clearly had feelings for each other, but the complications, twisted feelings, and turmoil never stopped - even when they finally married. Still, their relationship was brilliant. Through everything, they never stopped loving each other, and their ups and downs frequently made me sob. 
But then came the ultimate heartbreak. 
Long story short, they were all taken to an alternate dimension on earth, and the only way to get home safely was for Rory to die - on the assumption that by doing so he'd break the dimension's power, create a paradox, and wouldn't actually die at all. It was a big risk to take. 
Then Amy climbed up beside him on the rooftop, saying that famous line: "Together or not at all." So amid my sobbing - which made for a rather blurry TV screen, I'll admit - Amy and Rory threw themselves off the building in each other's arms (by this time, Amy - as in me - was sobbing hardcore, and dramatic music and slow motion DID NOT HELP the vibes). 
Turns out they survived, and all the good guys returned to the real world. 
Except it didn't quite work out. One of the Weeping Angels - they're the bad guys - had been sucked back to the real world with them, and it took Rory in a whirling split second, sending him back to the alternate dimension where he'd live for the rest of his life and never be able to leave. 
But Amy wouldn't let him go that easily. Despite the Doctor pleading with her to come back into the Tardis, she wouldn't leave her husband. She let the Weeping Angel suck her back too so she could be with Rory forever. 
They never saw the Doctor again. They did send him a letter later on (how it got to him is complicated - not for this post), and told him how they were happy, but that still didn't make the incident any less heartbreaking. The moment Amy turned to follow her husband, something in Doctor Who died. That show really does know how to crush your heart in the most stunningly dark way possible. It's so beautifully tragic. 
Doctor Who has never been the same without Amy and Rory. 

Allan a dale dies // Robin Hood series 3
Oh my poor, poor Allan. This series was my bae during my Robin Hood obsession stage, and Allan A Dale was my favourite character. 
But then he died. Betrayed by his friends who wouldn't trust him, he was left alone at their camp in the forest while they went to attack Nottingham. Poor Allan was in the woods when he heard someone approaching, and seeing it was the Sheriff (the Sheriff wasn't at Nottingham at the time - long story) he started running to warn his friends. 
Unfortunately for Allan, the Sheriff had arrows. Allan took a few in the back before collapsing in the dirt and leaves of Sherwood forest. He died alone, with his friends believing he was a traitor. 
It was so unfair. My poor little cinnamon roll. 

Honourable mentions
- Laurel's death in Arrow
- Marian's death in Robin Hood
- The ending of Arrival
- Neal's death in Once Upon A Time

OK now I'm feeling very emotional. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! (Although maybe "enjoyed" isn't quite the right word...) 

Have you watched and sobbed at any of these deaths? What other film and TV moments have touched you and forced you to haul out the tissues? Let's chat :) 

P.S. In retrospect, this post sounds kinda sarcastic and light hearted. Which isn't particularly appropriate when you're discussing things that can literally suck your soul right out of your chest.

P.P.S. Yes I know these are all fictional BUT THEY STILL HURT. (And let's be honest, fiction makes us feel more than real life, no? #not) 

P.P.P.S. I might do a Part 2 of this post because I'm always crying. 

P.P.P.P.S. If you're still reading well done. I have absolutely nothing to say to except don't you have something better to do. (If you don't, yay I guess? If you do, #honoured). 

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