Monthly Wrap-Up: January - February

Once again, I can barely remember what happened last month. I swear my memory's going. But I do know that I'm enjoying school this year (most of it) and I'm making good progress with outlining my WIP. Yay!

We're also in the middle of the worst drought in Cape Town's history. I'm thinking of doing a personal post on that soon, and sharing what we've been forced to do to save water and how difficult things have become. It SUCKS, let me tell you. It's also scary.  

Posts of the month:

What I read in January

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
Thirteen Reasons Why
Ruler of the Night
The Snowman
Born A Crime
Wonder Woman: Warbringer
And I Darken
If Birds Fly Back
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
- Renegades

Favourite book of the month was definitely Wonder Woman Warbringer! My least favourite was Water.

What I watched in January


I was disappointed with Dunkirk and disgusted by Baby Driver. But Dunkirk comes out on top. 

February TBR

Ambitious, but isn't it always?! I'm so excited to start these books. There are more I'm hoping to get to as well, but this is just a start. 

I started a new blog series where every Tuesday I post about Romanticised Abuse in fiction and why it's so dangerous. I have loads more topics to discuss, so I'm not stopping anytime soon. Although to be honest, every post has been exhausting to write. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't drained. Still, it's a topic I'm passionate about, and to stop posting about it is not an option right now. 

Happy February! How did your January go? What did you read or watch? 
What's on your February TBR? 

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