My Favourite Fictional Ships

Happy Valentine's Day!! And even if you don't celebrate, just buy yourself chocolate and stuff your face. Or wait till after Valentine's Day when the chocolate isn't so expensive. Which kinda defeats my first point. But anyway.

Today I'm doing a blog post about my favourite fictional ships. I also did one last year, but my mind has changed a lot since then, so I needed to do an updated version ;)

Hope you like this post! <3

- Kaz and Inej / The Six of Crows Duology / These two are the definition of "JUST KISS ALREADY!" Their relationship is built on mutual respect, and their romance is a slow, steady burn throughout the duology. The small ways through which they show their love for one another are incredible and thoughtful, and I love how protective they are of each other. Kaz & Inej are an amazing ship. AND I NEED A THIRD BOOK FOR THAT KISS PLEASE LEIGH 

- Jasper and Alice / The Twilight Saga / Forget Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice are the real canon of Twilight. They are so thoughtful, sweet, and protective of each other, and they support each other no matter what. They're partners in everything - it's beautiful to watch.

- Jules and Liam / Everless / THESE TWO BETTER BE CANON. They aren't even a couple in Everless, but there's definitely an implication they could be in the second book. I love the development of their relationship, their chemistry, and whenever they interact it's magical. PLEASE LET THEM BE AN ITEM IN BOOK 2 SARA

- Scarlett and Wolf / The Lunar Chronicles / AW THESE BABIES. They are so sweet and protective of each other, and they're equals through and through. They're my fave Lunar Chronicles couple, and I love how subtly they show their love for each other. They aren't a kissy-kissy or touchy couple, but their love runs deep. 

- Juliet and Declan /  Letters to the Lost / The great thing about this book is that there's almost no romance between Declan and Juliet. They're just friends; friends who have a complicated relationship, who learn so much from each other, and who come to respect and support each other. So when they do finally kiss at the end, it's a kiss that makes the wait worth it. They are probably the best example of friends-to-lovers I've ever read about. 

- Nate and Bronwen / One of Us Is Lying /  He's the bad boy, she's the girl who never breaks a rule. But their relationship is incredible, and every scene between them is swoony as heck (especially the kisses OMW). Their chemistry is amazing, but I hate how the author handled their relationship at the end of the book.  


- Tony and Pepper / The Marvel Universe / AWWW THESE TWO DARLINGS. They're my Marvel OTP, and RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow have stunning chemistry. I love the development of Tony and Pepper's relationship, and I love when their personalities clash. It's fantastic ;)

Peter and Gwen / The Amazing Spiderman / ANDREW GARFIELD AND EMMA STONE WHY DID YOU SHATTER MY HEART. Their chemistry was off the charts, their acting made Peter and Gwen a couple to be reckoned with, and Gwen's death was a cruel but beautifully tragic finish to what they had. It hurt, but their love was invincible. I still cry to think of them.

- Emma and Killian / Once Upon A Time /  These two characters have had such an incredible journey, and YAY to them getting their happy ending! I love Emma and Killain, and I love how they compliment each other. They're both such haunted, broken human beings, but they grow so much and never give up on each other, despite being through some of the hardest trials imaginable. I just love them.

- Amy and Rory / Doctor Who / I'm convinced that seasons 5 to 7 of Doctor Who were actually just a story about Rory and Amy's relationship, because WOW did they have an amazing relationship. It was so well developed, and they went through so much together. Even though they had their fights and their ups and downs, they were passionately in love. And when Amy came to that heartbreaking choice in series 7, she still choose Rory over the Doctor. I treasure that.

- Jim and Pam / The Office / Jim and Pam's will or won't they romance lasted three long seasons, and although their finally getting together took away a bit of the magic, they were still an amazing couple. The chemistry between Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski and the way their characters struggled with their feelings for long before spilling them, made this couple one to root for. Their humour, their friendship, their partnership - it was all beautiful.

- Will and Djaq / Robin Hood / I'm not a Robin and Marian shipper or a Gisborne and Marian shipper, but I always loved Will Scarlett and Djaq together. They are so cute, so protective of each other, and the small ways their attraction for each other is hinted at throughout the series before they actually become a couple, is adorable.

- Sybil and Tom / Downton Abbey / Awww Tom and Sybil. The lady and the chauffeur. SOB. These two fought long and hard to be together, and battled social norms, furious family members, and even a world war to follow their hearts. They were equals with shared passions. When Sybil died, it was heartbreaking.

Who are your favourite fictional couples? Do you love any of the ones in this post? 
Let's chat! 

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