Weekly Round-Up: Reading and writing

I've done a lot of WIP outlining and planning this week, which I'm super excited about. I got a new book idea that I can't wait to write. But I'm nervous, too, because I always get seriously terrified that my writing isn't gonna do justice to the story in my head. So that's a pain ;) 

Posts of the week:

Currently Reading

I got Empire of Storms from the library and gosh is it boring. I'm only reading it because of Dorian and because I feel like I need to have read all Maas' books to complain about them.
I'm also buddy-reading Roar with my #squad, and so far our feelings are mixed. I started The Woman in the Window on Friday, too.

For Review

On Friday, I got an incredible haul of paperbacks from this amazing SA publisher. I also got an eBook of Mercury Rises from the author for the upcoming blog tour I'm participating in.

Around the Blogosphere

Genni reviews American Panda

Lauren reviews You Will Be Mine

Greg reviews The Woman in the Window

Amber Elise reviews Shadowsong

Alyssa reviews Beautiful Broken Hearts

Brittany talks about Audiobooks

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PLEASE NOTE: I am a terrible blogger when it comes to commenting on people's posts. I struggle to find the time, although that doesn't excuse it.
SO. From now on, whenever I share bloggers' posts in this weekly round-up, those are also the posts I'm going to be visiting on Sunday. I'm gonna try keep all my blog hopping to a Sunday. I apologise for only being able to visit your blog then (although I may occasionally make exceptions in the week when I get some spare time) but I will definitely visit on Sundays.

Entertainment News

Marvel assembles for an epic group photo
This is beyond epic. To celebrate ten years of Marvel, every star assembled for a class photo.

New Infinity War trailer
Now this is amazing. CAN IT BE MAY ALREADY.

Mission Impossible: Fallout trailer
It looks ridiculous, but what do you expect. I will watch it when it comes out, though, because I love the action - however far-fetched it is.

Once Upon A Time comes to an end
I think it should've ended at the end of season 6, but never mind. It's now official that OUAT will end after season 7. And I'm glad - with the main cast gone, it's about time.

Coming Up

This week, I'll be reviewing Shadowsong and The Language of Thorns, posting another Romanticised Abuse feature, and I'm also going to posting a special Valentine's post: My Fave Fictional Ships.

What's up? What are you reading? How was your week? 

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