5 Reasons To Read KEEPER by Kim Chance

Morning all! Today I'm gushing about a debut YA urban fantasy novel that came out in January and deserves all the love in the world. Not only is it a wonderful book, but the author is a amazing woman who inspires me so much.

SO. Without further ado, here are five reasons why you should read Keeper...

KEEPER by Kim Chance


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My Review 

1: Urban Fantasy at its best

You know how there are some urban fantasies that give you everything you want in an urban fantasy? Swoony romance, humour, lots of adrenaline pumping action, and an atmospheric setting? A world you can just lose yourself in? A magical story that simple sweeps you away? 
This book has all of that. You'll race through it, but you never want it to end. You'll get all warm and fuzzy inside, then the next minute you'll be aching for the characters and their pain. You'll lose yourself in an incredible new world. 

It's escapism at its best and its urban fantasy a hundred times above the average. 

2: Swoony Romance!

AHHH WE HAVE A SHIP Y'ALL. Ty and Lainey are #goals. He's hot and mysterious but he respects her and treats her as an equal. She's capable and independent, but she accepts his help and views him as a partner as well as the guy she loves.

Plus, there are plenty of swoony kisses ;) And they both have turns to rescue each other.


3: Female Friendship

Lainey and Maggie are an amazing duo. They stick by each other and they root for each other. Maggie's always there to encourage and support Lainey when she's overwhelmed by what she's going through, and Maggie's an integral part of the plot - something the "best friend" usually isn't, unfortunately.

AND THEY LITERALLY SAVE EACH OTHER. I got goosebumps and squealed out loud during this one scene where they're attacked and Maggie takes on Lainey's attacker. IT'S JUST SO PERFECT TO SEE GIRLS SUPPORTING AND FIGHTING FOR GIRLS. And I'm a huge sucker for girls rescuing girls ;)

4: Family and Friendships

There's romance and female friendship, but there are also a strong theme of family. Lainey has a beautiful relationship with her awesome uncle, Gareth, and also with Serena, a fantastically eccentric fortune-teller.
Lainey's parents aren't around, so Gareth is in lieu of them.  I just love Lainey's relationship with him and Serena.

5: Atmosphere and Setting

Think Beautiful Creatures: witches, real Southern American vibes....It's just so cool. The story is atmospheric, and there's so much creepy Gothic awesomeness in Lainey's small town. Josephine's story (which runs parallel to Lainey's) is a huge part of that. It utterly draws you in.

Have you read Keeper by Kim Chance? What did you think of it?

If you haven't read it, I can't recommend it highly enough!

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