MOLLY'S GAME - by Molly Bloom

MOLLY'S GAME - Molly Bloom
Published: 2017 (Film Tie In) - by Dey Street Books
Genres: Memoir / autobiography
Pages: 262.
Triggers/Content Advisory: Infrequent bad language
Format: Paperback.
Source: Thank you so much to Jonathan Ball SA for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Molly Bloom was a little girl in a small Colorado town, she dreamed of a life without rules and limits, a life where she didn’t have to measure up to anyone or anything—where she could become whatever she wanted. She ultimately got more than she could have ever bargained for. In Molly’s Game, she takes you through her adventures running an exclusive high-stakes private poker game catering to such clients as Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck, athletes, billionaires, politicians, and financial titans. With rich detail, Molly describes a world of glamour, privilege, and secrecy in which she made millions, lived the high life, and fearlessly took on the Russian and Italian mobs—until she met the one adversary she could not outsmart: the United States government. It’s the story of how a determined woman gained—and then lost—her place at the table, and of everything she learned about poker, love, and life in the process.

I first heard of Molly's story by hearing about the movie starring Jessica Chastain (who's one of my favourite actresses and just an amazing woman). Molly's tale looked so incredible, and I'm so happy I got the chance to read her autobiography.
I highly, highly recommend it. (And then when you've read it go watch the movie because it's Jessica so duh it'll be good).

Even if you're not a fan of autobiographies or memoirs, I still think you'll enjoy this book. The writing is brilliant. Bloom writes so well, and her experiences are breathtakingly vivid. The details are meticulous, the scenes are richly embellished, and the characters are larger than life. It's incredible.

The story is gripping, entertaining, and irrestible. I was easily sucked into the seductive but brutal world of A-listers and their devotees, with their finely spun secrets and ruthless ambition. The world buzzes with a catastrophic energy, every scene something you can sink your teeth into, and it's dazzling. I wouldn't want to be there, but it's fascinating - and tragic - to read about.

And watching Molly, I can't help but admire her. Yes, her choices were certainly questionable and I don't agree with a lot of what she did, but she was essentially a woman in a man's world who despite starting at the very bottom fought her way right to the top. Her ambition, her stamina, is immensely impressive. She's an amazing woman; flawed, compelling, and terrifyingly driven. This book is a mesmerising look into her twisted life.

Molly's Game is the inspiring, extraordinary true story of a woman at the top of her game. And who fell all the way down. 
She's a brilliant lady, and her story is unforgettable

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