Monthly Wrap-Up: February-March

It's March! That's amazing! We're on month #3, can you believe it?!

My month consisted of going to my first book event (Yay!), joining Netgalley, writing my WIP (still writing it and it's going so well), watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and reading and reading and reading and reading. It was a good month overall, I think. Despite school stress which is kinda a given ;)
How was your March?

Blog Posts & Reviews from this Month

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Blog Tour & Blitz: THE PROMISE by Sally Jenkins
Romanticised Abuse: Once Upon A Time
Book Review: PARTING SHOT (Promise Falls #4) - by Linwood Barclay
Book Review: SHADOWSONG (Wintersong #2) - by S. Jae-Jones
Romanticised Abuse: The Notebook
My Favourite Fictional Ships
Book Review: THE LANGUAGE OF THORNS - by Leigh Bardugo
Book Review: THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW - by A. J. Finn
Book Review: THE WIFE BETWEEN US - by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
Romanticised Abuse: Tamlin & Feyre
Book Review: THE DRAGON ORB - by Mike Shelton
Book Review: BUZZ BOOKS 2018
Book Blitz: MARRYING MR. VALENTINE - by Laura Bernard
Book Review: THE QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR - by Tessa Gratton
Book Review (GR): FROSTBLOOD - by Elly Blake
Book Review (GR): RED WINTER - by Annette Marie
Book Review (GR): THE WITCH DOESN'T BURN IN THIS ONE - by Amanda Lovelace
Film Review: THE SNOWMAN

My favourite book was probably Shadowsong! And my favourite blog post to write this month was definitely Romanticised Abuse in The Notebook.

March TBR

There are a lot of books I aim to read in March, but here's some of them ↑↑ And all of these are eBooks.

Changes coming up in March

1: On Tuesdays, I'm going to be alternating between doing a Romanticised Abuse post one week and then a WIP Diaries post the next week. The WIP Diaries is a new feature I'm excited to be starting. The posts will be about my writing, my current writing projects, and I'll sharing snippets, Pinterest  boards, aesthetics, and more!
I hope you like them :)

2: I'm easing up on myself and will no longer be stressing about making sure I finish a certain book in a month and not having it overlap into the next month. I've made sure I've done that in the past because A) I'm OCD that way and B) It's neater and more structured, at least in my mind. But I've decided to try break out of that pattern. I'm gonna read when I want for however long I want and won't be worrying about overlapping anymore. 

3: I need to cut down on how often I post. But what I really, really, REALLY want, is to hear what you guys think I should do: do you mind that I post literally every day? Would you prefer if I posted less often? Please tell me! 

Happy March! What are your plans for the month? Did you have a good February? What's on your TBR? 

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