The WIP Diaries - What I'm currently writing...

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This is another post in my new blog series, where I share my writing updates, plans, and works in progress! Today I'm sharing some info about my current WIP.

Title: I'm going with Jackie for now, but that will definitely not be the final title.

Genre: Young adult / historical fiction / fantasy / action adventure

Status: Writing the first draft.

I'm only on Act 2 of this novel, and progress is slow. There are good days and bad days, obviously, but all in all I'm enjoying the story. I love my heroine, and I love my secondary characters even more. The themes of friendship and family are strong, the characters' secrets are destructive, and I'm so enjoying writing the action scenes.
Check out my Pinterest board above to see how I envision the characters and their story!

To give you a quick taste of the plot: My heroine and her three friends undertake a treacherous journey across unpredictable terrain to find the riches one of them seeks. But with relationships breaking and external forces threatening the group, their inner demons threaten to override even the fiercest of bonds. They have a lot to learn about each other. And a lot to discover about themselves.

Just FYI: It's a gender-swapped retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk ;)

Are you writing anything at the moment? What's your WIP about? 

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