Writing Resources You Can't Afford To Miss!

Today I'm sharing a number of indispensable writing resources for all writers out there! I did do a post similar to this one when I first started blogging, but it's now seriously outdated, so I thought an updated version would be more appropriate and relevant :)


Caitlin @ Quills and Coffee - Caitlin is an amazing friend and writer, and her website is packed with invaluable tips on writing, querying, and more. She's always so willing to share what she knows, and she is such an inspiration.
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Lara - I only recently discovered Lara but wow am I glad I did. Apart from having an absolutely gorgeous website, her free templates and worksheets covering all aspects of writing are so useful, and she's always so willing to encourage, inspire, and motivate aspiring authors.
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K.M. Weiland @ Helping Writers Become Authors - K. M is the queen of writing info. Her website delves into all kinds of writing topics, and I found her articles about plotting especially helpful. If it wasn't for her, my writing these days probably wouldn't even have a three Act structure. That thought scares me!
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Now Novel - Bridget's articles are short, sweet, and so useful - especially when you're just laying the ground work for your book. She covers all aspects of writing a story, and the info is so applicable.
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The Write Life - This website has so much information on all aspects of writing, and signing up to their email list is definitely worthwhile.
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Well Storied - Kristen Kieffer's website is incredible. She has so much info on writing a book, and covers every single aspect deeply and insightfully. You can't afford to miss her posts.
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Kim Chance - Kim is an amazing personality in the writing world. Her website and YouTube channel cover extremely relatable topics on all aspects of writing, and she's also unflinchingly honest and ready to share her own personal experience when it comes to writing and publishing. Her debut novel, Keeper, was published in January, and I definitely recommend that you check out that book as well. It's amazing.
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I hope you found this post informative and helpful! Definitely go check out all these amazing people and sources. I can't recommend them highly enough. 

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