Marvel Collaboration Part 1 // with Abby from Ups & Downs

To celebrate our obsession with the MCU universe and the event of the upcoming MCU film, Avengers: Infinity War, myself and the wonderful Abigail Lennah from Ups & Downs are collaborating for a Marvel discussion post! Thank you, Abby, for suggesting this idea. It's been so much fun.

My answers to some Marvel related questions are below. Do check out Abby's answers HERE :)

Why do you think the MCU continues to be more popular than DC?

I think it comes back to characters. Sure, I think Marvel’s actors are typically stronger, their plots better written, but their characters are where they really shine. They work with backstory so well, something DC has never quite grasped, and they pay acute attention to character motivation, relationships, and personality. They milk their characters’ origin stories for all they’re worth and they focus on their development. DC tends to skimp on that; they don’t go deep.

What is one of your favourite arcs? (Character, group of characters, etc) 

I gotta say Tony Stark/Iron Man. I’ve always been #TeamIronMan, but I think his character has undergone some amazing development over the course of his films and the Avengers saga. He’s the perfect example of a “morally grey character”, and I think that’s what makes him so compelling.

He’s selfish and arrogant, but he’s also loyal, damaged, and brilliant. His relationships with the other characters have really matured him and given him obligations he usually wouldn’t give two hoots about. Tony’s really learned to let people in, and he’s proved himself to be a hero.

I also love his dynamic with Tom Holland’s Spiderman, which we admittedly haven’t seen much of, but I love what I have seen. He’s become like a father figure to Spidey - it’s really beautiful to see.

Do you have any expectations/spectulations/worries about the upcoming Infinity War film? 

I think everyone is scared that a lot of characters are gonna die! I certainly am. I’m sure either Iron Man or Cap will be killed off, but I’m more worried for Tony - I’ve always preferred him as a character and I’d hate to lose him. That would be really sad. But I do know that whoever Marvel kills will go out with a good farewell. I know Marvel will write the death well, and I know it will be for the greater good of the saga. It’s just nerve-wracking, though!

I’m also kinda nervous about Marvel handling such a big cast. They are dealing with a huge group of well-loved characters, and I just hope they do all of them justice.

Which character is the most like you? 

Oh heck, that is not easy ;) Haha.

Umm… I think I’m probably a cross between Pepper Potts and Spiderman, which sounds really weird, but it’s true. And I don’t know if Pepper even counts, since she’s not an official main character?
I’m very much like Pepper. I’ve got her uptightness, her bossiness, her organisation skills, I’m also prone to hysterical panic when I’m stressed or angry, and I’m also fiercely loyal and trusting.

But I’ve got some of Spidey’s loyalty and geekiness, as well; not to mention I’m awkward and usually in the background, too ;)

Speaking of arcs— take one character (preferably someone who hasn’t had much screen time yet as others and are relatively new, like Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Ant Man, etc.) and discuss how you could potentially see them contributing.

I'm definitely eager to see more of Doctor Strange, and I think I'll be eager to see more of Scarlet Witch, too. Not sure what they could contribute, exactly, but I love their characters and there's a lot of potential for personal growth there. I'd love to see them interacting with the rest of the team more, too.

With Spiderman’s character, specifically, which actor’s portrayal - since they’ve been 3 - is your favourite, and why?

Andrew Garfield is my favourite Spidey. I know most fans didn’t like him because they thought he was too ‘hip’ and cool for Peter Parker, but I think it worked. I think he embodied both Peter Parker and Spiderman very well, and I loved his chemistry with Emma Stone’s Gwen. That’s always been the highlight of The Amazing Spiderman movies for me ;)

I definitely didn’t like Tobey Maguire. I just hated his take on the character. But I love Tom Holland, and I think he’s perfect in the role.

Which Marvel character do you think has grown and developed the most since his/her introduction in terms of arc?

I gotta say Tony again. A few answers back I explained why :)

What’s one thing you think writers can learn from Marvel?

Let your characters lead. Again and again, Marvel has written conflict that stems first and foremost from its characters, and they’ve stayed true to those characters’ personalities as they attempt to deal with the conflict. Civil War brought this to head. That’s why I love the movie so much. It showed the characters taking sides, choosing sides that they believed in, and it ran with those choices.

As a writer watching Marvel movies, I’ve learnt that characters are your most powerful weapon, and wielded right, you have explosive, story worthy conflict.

Is there a secondary MCU character you think deserves their own solo movie, and why? What would you like to see in that movie (from the character’s past, perhaps? etc)?

Black Widow!! And a Black Widow origin movie is actually happening, so obviously I’ve been heard ;)

But yeah, I think a Black Widow movie that focuses on her traumatic past and her relationship with Hawkeye in Budapest is long overdue. She’s such a compelling character and she has such a shady, heartbreaking backstory. I think it’ll make for an amazing origin film.

Is there a character dynamic/relationship you particularly enjoy watching on screen?

I love Thor and Loki’s relationship, I love Tony and Pepper’s romance, I love Cap and Black Widow together, and I love Black Widow and Hawkeye’s friendship. The chemistry between those guys is so amazing, and the development of all those relationships is excellent.

We hope you enjoyed this collab post! Are you also a Marvel fanatic? What are your thoughts on the upcoming Infinity War

And stay tuned! Abby and I will also be doing a Part 2 after Infinity War's release...

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