The WIP Diaries: MORGANA series

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MONSTROUS: a short story
What I'm currently writing...

Title: Haven't decided on one yet (honestly, it's the last thing on my mind ;). But the series will be a 4 book series.

Genre: New Adult / horror / Gothic / epic fantasy

Status: Brainstorming.

This series is very, very much in the "brainstorming only" stage. I haven't given much thought to anything other than the heroine and the fantasy world, but I'm excited at the prospect of a dark, mature retelling of the King Arthur legend. Morgana is a fascinating character - I desperately want to explore her origin story and relationships with other characters like Merlin and Lancelot.

It'll definitely be more New Adult than Young Adult, and I want the tone to be quite dark and serious. The characters are all morally grey, and there are a lot of villains, too. It's going to be a very twisted take on King Arthur's legend ;)

Are you writing anything at the moment? What's your WIP about? 

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