The WIP Diaries: THE WOODS Saga

This is another post in my WIP Diaries blog series. You can check out my previous posts HERE and HERE.

Title: The whole series is called 'The Woods'. There will probably be a total of four - maybe 5 - books.

Genre: Young adult / contemporary / urban fantasy / Gothic / retelling

Status: Brainstorming.

Out of my all my writing projects, this one has been in my head for the longest period of time. It's a retelling of Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin mixed together and set in a small English town, and the original story and characters have evolved so much since I first got the idea. I know each of the characters so well and I love them all so much, but I'm struggling with the plot. I haven't quite got it yet, so I haven't be able to start outlining or drafting. *sigh* 
But I love the characters. They're my babies. And although it's a big cast, they're all very much individual people.

My general idea of the story revolves around family relationships, particularly between siblings. It's quite a dark book as it deals with abuse as seen in a family environment, but there's a lot of emphasis on friendship as well. It's a series about healing, about the people around you and how they shape you, and about you discovering your destiny in the midst of darkness.

The characters from top left to right: Niamh (friend), Ryan (friend and later love-interest), Eric (friend), Alex (the heroine), Damian (Alex's brother), Bryce (Alex and Damian's aunt), Elise (friend), and Shumi (friend and work colleague).

Are you writing anything at the moment? What's your WIP about? 

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