Weekly What's Up - reading, watching, writing

Good news: 1) I finished the extremely messy first draft of my WIP! 2) I'm beginning to work on another book almost immediately. 

Bad news: 1) I start school again tomorrow. 2) I need to now re-outline and write the second draft of the WIP I've just finished. 

Posts of the Week

Shared an extract from an awesome book called She's Bad News, by Elle Spellman.

I talked about romanticised abuse in The Orphan's Wish

I reviewed The Orphan's Wish, and what a terrible book it was.

I participated in the blog tour for Visions by Helen J. Christmas.

I reviewed A Wrinkle In Time, which disappointed me.

I reviewed the 2017 film Murder on the Orient Express, which is a train wreck of a movie ;)

Currently Reading

I'm enjoying Song of the Current, buddy-reading Batman Nightwalker with Di and Uma, and just about to start Out of the Blue.

For Review

Thank you so much to the amazing publishers who sent me these incredible books! I am so excited to start them.

Around the Blogosphere

Di reviews Wonder Woman Warbringer

Uma reviews Wonder Woman Warbringer

Lauren reviews Winter Glass

Lindsey reviews To Kill A Kingdom

Angela reviews She Regrets Nothing

Amber Elise reviews Final Girls

How has your week been? What are you reading and watching? 

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