Weekly What's Up - reading, watching, sleeping

It was a good week. I read a lot, and a friend slept over on Thursday night for a movie marathon (although there wasn't much sleeping...we made it to 3 am ;). So it goes without saying that I got an early night on Friday and caught up. 

Oh, and just btw: I've re-edited and slightly updated my Fight Against Romanticised Abuse discussion post. Check it out if you haven't already :) 

Posts of the Week

I shared an aesthetic and some info about one of my WIPs: a fairytale retelling that twists Hansel and Gretel with Rumpelstiltskin...

I reviewed Geekerella by Ashley Poston. Looking for a fluffy contemporary that celebrates fandoms?! Look no further.

I reviewed Bride of the Sea by Emma Hamm, which is a beautifully written retelling of The Little Mermaid.

I reviewed the amazing film The Greatest Showman. What an absolutely incredible movie. GO WATCH IT.

I reviewed Sky In The Deep, a story I unfortunately found wanting :(

Currently Reading

I've just started these two books and am enjoying both of them. I first read A Wrinkle In Time years ago, but since the movie has just come out, I decided I should re-read :)

For Review

Thank you Penguin for these beautiful paperbacks! <3

Around the Blogosphere

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How has your week been? What are you reading and watching? 

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