Female Film Reboots: Yay or Nay?

Female remakes are a huge thing right now. Hollywood is literally churning them out. It's all to give women better roles, but is it the way to go? Do we need a Jane Bond when they could write an original female badass spy?

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There's Ocean's 8. Admittedly, the characters are new characters, but let's face it - it's heavily. heavily inspired by the male-led series, and the name's a dead giveaway. Debbie Ocean is also Danny Ocean's sister. There's not much originality there.

There's James Bond. It doesn't been done yet, but there has been a lot of talk about making James a Jane.

There's Lord of the Flies. Just rumours and conjecture, but it's been mentioned.

There's Indiana Jones. Still just talk, but talk all the same. (FYI: I think Lara Croft already covers the female Indy. Just btw).

There's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. A female remake is being made starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway.

There was Ghostbusters, the 2016 female remake starring Melissa McCarthy.

There will be more. Hollywood shows no signs of slowing down the reboots - female-led or otherwise.

What are they trying to achieve and do they achieve it?

What with the very current topic of feminism these days, the film industry has felt the effect too. Writers are making a conscious effort to give women great roles to play. They're rewriting the wrongs of the past that predominantly had men playing the three-dimensional, relatable, well written roles. They're feeling the pressure.

But are these writers really doing the best they can do? Is the way to give women epic characters and stories just to rewrite a male hero as a woman and alter his story to fit her? Honestly, I think that's an insult to both men and women. I think it's sexist. It isn't all that empowering, either.

Here's what two actresses have to say:

Rachel Weisz: “Why not create your own story rather than jumping on to the shoulders and being compared to all those other male predecessors? Women are really fascinating and interesting and should get their own stories.”

Rosamund Pike: "I'd just say write a new story. I mean James Bond is a character that Ian Fleming created. I mean, you know of course the brand has become bigger and whatever, but take one of the Bond Girls and give her her own story. I think the character of James Bond is a man. He is really. But I mean, to have such a character in a completely independent series, why should a woman get sort of sloppy seconds? Why should she have once been a man and now it has to be played by a woman? Why not make a kick-ass female agent in her own right?"

In conclusion...

Personally, I agree with the ladies' quotes above. I don't think remaking male stories with female characters is the way to give women decent roles and stories. I think there needs to be more female directors, more female writers, who lend their female perspective to writing new, original stories and original, three-dimensional, exciting new female characters for actresses to play.

Don't just remake a male story and give the hero a heroine makeover. You're messing with characters who were actually written as male characters. Not to mention women deserve more than that. Just be original. Be brave. Be inspired. 

What do you think of these upcoming and potential female remakes? Do you think they're necessary? Do you think they're misguided? Do you think women deserve original stories instead? 

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