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- Share examples of romanticised abuse you've seen in books, TV shows, or films.
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- This is not only about romanticised abusive relationships. It is about romanticised sexual assault, rape, and harassment, as well.
- This blog series explores and draws attention to themes of abuse in fiction. I will discuss sexual assault, abusive relationships, and rape. I will infrequently explore those topics in depth as the fictional example requires it. Please read on with care. These subjects could be triggering.

A few months ago I decided to start a blog series where every two weeks I'd write about a type of romanticised abuse I'd seen in a movie, book, or TV show. It is terrifying how much content I had to share. But this is a subject I feel passionately about, and as incidents of sexual assault, toxic relationships, and even rape continue to be romanticised and glamorised in pop culture everywhere, I do not plan to stop this series anytime soon. 

These are abuses that have to be shown for the evil they are. More people need to recognise the horror of such incidents. And failing to treat them with the seriousness and sensitivity they deserve, is something society desperately needs to correct.  

10 posts on romanticised abuse in fiction.

1: Jacob and Bella in Twilight // Jacob violently assaults Bella in Eclipse, and the incident is totally glossed over. The scene is disturbing and revolting - yet no one seems to recognise it as sexual assault.  

2: Bad Boys // Boys can be 'bad' without sexually assaulting the heroine. We need to see more of those types of bad boys.   

3: Erik and Christine in The Phantom of the Opera // Erik and Christine's relationship is extremely toxic and terrifyingly violent. But we're supposed to ship them, because Erik's a poor, broken soul. That's sick.  

4: Rape in Once Upon A Time // Regina and Zelena rape two male characters and the writers ignore the incidents to continue to develop the two popular, much-loved female characters.  It's shocking.  

5: Noah and Allie in The Notebook // Literature's best love story? Or is it nightmare? Noah and Allie are anything but couple goals, and all Noah deserves is a restraining order.  

6: Tamlin and Feyre in ACOTAR // Tamlin sexually assaults Feyre and it's written as a hot, sexy love  scene. It's enough to make you vomit.  

7: Locke and Roar in Roar // Locke's toxic masculinity is a prime example of how men objectify women and treat them as inferiors. 

8: Sexual abuse and rape in Crazy House // The constant abuse against women is frightening in this badly written YA dystopia from James Patterson.  

9: Sexual assault in Daughter of the Pirate King // A guy watches his love interest get sexually assaulted and does nothing? Yup. And that's only part 1 of this book's problems.  

10: Jeb and Alyssa in Splintered // The relationship between these two characters is unhealthy in every sense of the word. Jeb treats Alyssa terribly, and his disgusting behaviour is totally romanticised.   

Thank you so much for supporting this blog series so far.

I encourage you to write your own posts highlighting the romanticised abuse you might have seen in books and movies. 

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