Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The WIP Diaries: Dark thriller trilogy...

This is another post in my WIP Diaries blog series where I talk about my writing and what I'm currently working on. Check out the previous posts here:

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Title: Not sure yet, but the series will be a trilogy.

Status: Brainstorming.

Genre: Thriller / contemporary

I went through a stage of rigorously working on these characters, but then other WIPs took over and I haven't thought much about it since. I do know that it'll revolve around two damaged detectives who work together to solve crimes in a small English town, while simultaneously battling their own demons, and it's a kind of Sherlock Holmes retelling that goes way darker. I love my characters though (even if I haven't decided on first names for them yet...... - Ellis, who's a battling alcoholic and lives with her single sister and niece, and Chase, new in town and running from something).

I look forward to digging into it again soon!

Are you writing anything at the moment? What's your WIP about? Do you like creating aesthetics? 

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