I'm baaaaaaack! / giveaway winner! / announcements!

I'm back!! I'm back!! I loved the break and I'm glad I took it, but I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing and blogging again.

The day after I started my hiatus I wanted to blog ;) Lol. Seriously. But after a few days I started to enjoy the break. It turned out well. But I have realised that I need to go easy when it comes to posting, so I don't get overwhelmed and stressed again. From now on I'll only be posting when I actually want to or when I actually have something to post about (the way it should be...). I'll only post on Tuesday if I have a WIP Diaries or Romanticised Abuse topic to share - I'm not gonna force myself to find one, just to have something to post on Tuesday. I'm going to try and slow down. That way I think I'll enjoy blogging more.

I'm so excited to be back, guys! I've missed you and all your blogs.

Giveaway Winner! 

The news you've all been waiting for..... the winner of a book of his/her choice worth $12 from Book Depository or Wordery is.....Genni!!

Congrats Genni!! I'll be emailing you shortly :)

June happenings

So....the main point of my hiatus was to write. I started writing the second draft of my WIP, as planned, but didn't get very far before I realised it needed a lot more work. So I went back to outlining, and actually spent most of the month working on characters, world building, and plot. I outlined, more than I actually wrote. But I made major progress there and I'm happy. I dug a lot deeper with my characters and discovered so much more about them, which was an aspect that sorely needed help.
Now, in July, I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo, so I hope to actually write the second draft. 

I also watched a ton of Netflix this month ;) Obviously. I'm on season 5 of The Vampire Diaries and so much in love and have so many feelings and GAH it's so freaking good. Hate Damon, hate Delena, hate Jeremy (can the guy just die again already?) but Stefan and Caroline are my baes <3 They're so amazing. I'm in love.

June Bookmail

Bookmail bookmail yay yay yay!! I can't wait to read these books and I'm planning to read a lot of books this July because I'm starved. I barely read anything in June and I am so ready to lose myself in an epic story.

I have big plans for July so wish me luck cos I'm pretty sure I'm being overly-ambitious ;) I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo (last minute decision, and by last minute I mean the night before), I'm gonna read a million books,  and I plan to watch lots of The Vampire Diaries and rent a few movies, too.

How was your June?! Tell me all the news!  I've missed blog hopping so much, and although it'll take me a while, I plan to visit all your blogs and check out your posts.  

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