Weekly What's Up - reading, watching, cooking

I am so ready for next week to come and for this one to be over. My Mum's away for a few days (she gets back tomorrow) and so I've been doing all the household stuff, including cooking, and I am A) tired and B) overwhelmed. I always manage to make more work for myself, and then I get stressed. And when I'm stressed I clean and tidy and then start crying. 

Bleh. Anyway. I just need to chill. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Vampire Diaries seems like a good idea right now :) I'm hoping I'll get time this evening. 

Posts of the Week

I reviewed the beautiful film, Lady Bird.

I reviewed a chilling thriller: Paper Ghosts.

Currently Reading

I'm still buddy reading The Cruel Prince with my squad, still slogging through The Smoke Thieves, just started The Favourite Sister, and I'm slowly making my way through a Netgalley ARC of Star-Touched Stories.

For Review

These two books were surprise bookmail, and I'm not sure if I'll actually read them. The Empire of Ashes is the third book in a series and it's too much of an epic fantasy for me. I might try Ocean Light, though.

How has your week been? What are you reading and watching? Do you enjoy cooking? 

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