Weekly What's Up - watching, rain, school

Almost the end of August! Almost! Wow. 

I finished season 1 of Riverdale (even if season 2 was available on Netflix SA, I wouldn't be keen on watching it. I mean it's fun, but I've read that the second season is a lot darker and given that I don't think it's a great series anyway, the motivation isn't there), I'm still loving Brooklyn Nine-Nine, still re-watching TATBILB (obviously), and I'm on season 8 of TVD.  TV is good :) 

It hasn't been an amazing week otherwise. I haven't been feeling on top of things. Hopefully it'll pass soon, though.

We've also been getting so much rain!! Yay!! 

Posts of the Week

I posted a book blitz about The Things We Leave Unsaid.

Currently Reading

In the Afterlight and The Martian Girl are a slog, and I'm re-reading Shadow and Bone for a series review.

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Writing Questions! 

For an upcoming WIP Diaries post, I thought it'd be fun to answer any writing related questions you might have for me. They can be about my personal writing process, my characters, my WIPs, and etc etc - just anything you might want to know :) 

So if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I'll feature and answer them!

How has your week been? What are you reading and watching? 

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