Monthly Wrap-Up: August-September

Woohoo September! I'm optimistic about you.

A lot of exciting things have happened recently, and so here's the rundown...
- I bought a MacBook with birthday money, and I'm absolutely over the moon about it! It's a great space for my blogging and writing, and I'm also getting Scrivener. Finally! I can't wait to dive into writing books with this new program on this new device.
- I got an iPhone from a very generous Uncle. Loving it so much.
- I'm earning money doing admin work for my dad, which has allowed me to buy some items of clothing I've been wanting for ages :)
- I finished my chemistry book! Of course I'l have to study later this year for my GED exams, but finishing this particular book has given me such relief. I'm so happy to be done with it.
- I finished my maths geometry book! Maths has been the bane of my existence for a long time, and when I finally finished on Thursday I started crying. I'm so, so happy it's over. I thought it would never end.

I am ready for September. I'm working hard, I'm gonna be writing hard, and of course I'll fit in time for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TVD, and finally start Gilmore Girls. Yay!

Blog Posts from this month

The WIP Diaries: some writing facts about me

As you can see, I didn't blog much this month! *hides in shame*

Reviews from this month

2 Mini Book Reviews: IGNITE ME and RESTORE ME - Tahereh Mafi
THE FATES DIVIDE - Veronica Roth
2 Mini Book Reviews: THE QUAKER and THE DEATH KNOCK
GRACE & FURY - Tracy Banghart
TRADITION - Brendan Kiely

My favourite read this month was definitely Grace & Fury!

I haven't quite decided on what I'm going to read in September, so that's why there's no image of that ;) Too many books, too little time - I have a feeling my reads are gonna be all the place this month, haha.

Happy September! Did you have a good month? What's on your TBR? 

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