Weekly What's Up - watching, writing, cold...

The weather this past week has been absolutely freezing. I've been wearing like four layers every day - I love it, don't get me wrong, it still tops summer heat - and it is literally icy. It's impossible to get fully warm. 

I haven't read much at all this week, but I have watched a lot fo Netflix (now I'm just waiting for season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to come on and it's killing me) and I finally finished TVD! So bittersweet to come to the end, but it was a very good ending. Now to binge a new series...I'm thinking Gilmore Girls :) 

Posts of the Week

I reviewed two vastly different books: Damsel and Dare You To Lie.

I shared a list of my favourite TV show ships!

Currently Reading

Yes, I'm still on these books. Don't know why, but I just haven't felt like reading recently.

Around the Blogosphere

There were so many amazing posts around the blogosphere this week, so I just had to share as many as I could!

Heather shares some Binge-worthy TV shows

Greg shares some of his Binge-worthy TV shows

Emily reviews The Colour Purple

Brittany takes part in the blog tour for Seafire

Di reviews Damsel

Erica reviews Dead Princess Walking

Lindsey shares her favourite Binge-worthy TV shows

What happened in your week? Are you currently reading anything? Binging any TV? 

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