Weekly What's Up - The One Where I Work On My WIPs

It's been a weird week! I finally mustered up the courage to ask my local dvd store about getting a job there, but unfortunately they said there aren't any vacancies as of yet. It was disappointing, but honestly I'm just glad I asked. I was so anxious beforehand. 

I also started watching a new TV series (Heartland) - it's got 11 seasons though, so I was just hopping around random episodes because I do not wanna watch all 11 seasons, especially since it isn't actually a good show. The writing is terrible, as is the acting, but it's also relaxing and fun, which is why I stuck with it. Now, however, I'm back to Gilmore Girls :) Yay!

I've been doing a lot of writing prep this week. No actual writing the story, but a ton of outlining and character arc work etc etc. I ran a Twitter poll asking for help deciding which WIP I should focus on (since I'm notorious for trying to write multiple stories and characters at once and it never ends well), and thanks to the poll, I'm now only working on one: my female-centric Robin Hood retelling. More info about that closer to NaNo!

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I made very little reading progress this week. Netflix and my writing have consumed my focus.


Thanks Pan Macmillan! 

So how was your first week in October?! And what are you busy reading and watching? 

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