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SPINNING SILVER - by Naomi Novik

Published: July 2018 - Macmillan.
Genres: Adult / fairytale retelling / fantasy
Pages: 466.
Triggers/Content Advisory: Mild sexual innuendo.
Format: Paperback.
Source: Thank you so much to Pan Macmillan SA for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.
Miryem is the daughter and granddaughter of moneylenders... but her father isn't a very good one. Free to lend and reluctant to collect, he has loaned out most of his wife's dowry and left the family on the edge of poverty--until Miryem steps in. Hardening her heart against her fellow villagers' pleas, she sets out to collect what is owed--and finds herself more than up to the task. When her grandfather loans her a pouch of silver pennies, she brings it back full of gold.

But having the reputation of being able to change silver to gold can be more trouble than it's worth--especially when her fate becomes tangled with the cold creatures that haunt the wood, and whose king has learned of…

Life Update! I'm back.....I think?!

It's been forever since I ventured onto the blogosphere and even as I type this post, I'm not actually sure if I'll be able to stick around. *Sigh.* My Mac isn't fixed yet, so that's been a pain. It's so frustrating.

But while I'm here, I thought I'd do a life update. It's too late for a October wrap-up, which I missed, and so a general update seems more fitting.

Hope you're all doing well!

A summary of recent life events ;) 

- NaNoWriMo isn't happening for me this month. I decided I was putting too much pressure on myself to get 50k words in about  days ;) That just wasn't looking good. So I took a deep breath and resigned myself to the fact NaNo wasn't gonna happen this month.
However, I plan to start my novel in December. Writing needs to happen either way :)

- Reviews haven't been written, thanks to my stupid Mac, so my backlog is looking rather intimidating. As soon as I'm permanently back, you're gonna be inundated w…

Life Update - ft. Indefinite Hiatus!

Hey all, just popping on here quickly to explain my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere! My MacBook has been taken to be repaired and so I haven’t been able to blog or have access to any of my designs and resources etc etc. I’m writing this post from my phone, which is kinda difficult lol ;)

I hope to be back soon. I have so many reviews to write, not to mention a monthly wrap up, and I am dying to blog hop again and comment on all your posts! Fingers crossed I’ll be back soon.

It doesn’t help that NaNoWriMo began on Thursday and I haven’t been able to write a word yet either 🙈 Scrivener and my outline etc are on my MacBook :( IT IS FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST.

My mental health has been trash recently too. A part of me thinks this hiatus is a good thing because of all of that, so I guess I should try use the time to chill a bit. Well, try.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend :)

P.S. I’m also planning a major blog redesign and I’m gon…