5 Reasons To Read WINDFALL by Jennifer E. Smith

Today I'm sharing 5 reasons why you should read the lovely Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith! Get yourself a copy ASAP because it's a romantic contemporary you can't afford to miss.

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1: Humour

I think humour works best when it stems directly from characters' personalities and interactions, not from ridiculous situations and lines forced onto them. Thankfully, Windfall follows the latter.

The humour is absolutely golden. It'll make you laugh out loud, make you just want to hug the characters, and it'll tickle you till your bones sing. It's delicious.

2: Clean

I enjoy dark books, but sometimes you just need something wholesome - something good, something nice, something positive.  And let's be real, not every teenager drinks, goes to parties, does drugs, or has sex. I love how Smith sees that and represents us. There's little to no swearing, the characters don't sleep around, don't get high, don't get drunk, and they even respect their peers. We need more of that in YA!

I love how clean and wholesome this story is.

3: Perfect Christmasy book

This is the perfect novel to read at Christmas time! The snowy small town setting, the cosy warmth of the friendships, the magical themes of goodness and kindness and love......it's a wonderland of heart and hope.

It truly is the perfect book to read snuggled up in blankets, sipping hot chocolate, sitting in front of the fire. The atmosphere and the story will whisk you away. 

4: Fluffy & feel-good

Windfall is one of those amazing romantic contemporaries that takes the "fluffy" to a whole new level. It may be predictable, but the story is just so magical and absorbing and utterly heartwarming that you find yourself lost between the pages and never wanting to leave. It gives you that impossibly warm and comforting hug you never want to forget. It's beautiful.

5: Precious characters

The characters are darlings. Alice is so strong and kind, Teddy is so sweet and funny, and Leo is so sassy and supportive. Everyone is so well written. I also adore how real all the characters are and how humanly they handle situations - like, say, winning the lottery ;) They're just kids. They act like kids. It feels so authentic.

Speaking of characters, there are also some pretty amazing relationships in this book, as well. Family plays a big part in the story, and I love how messy and imperfect and human all these family dynamics are. It's relatable and realistic.

Have you read Windfall? Did you enjoy it? Does it look like the kind of story you'll like?