Happy Valentine's Day - For The Love of Friendship

Happy Valentine's Day! While I know that today is supposed to be about romantic love (and there's nothing wrong with that) I think that Valentine's Day should, at its heart (no pun intended), simply be about love: all types of love. After all, love doesn't need to be romantic to be of value.

Today I'm celebrating platonic love in the form of fictional friendships. I adore reading about friendships, and there are some truly wonderful ones in YA literature and TV shows. Let me know your favourites in the comments!

Jake and Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Every relationship in B99 is praise-worthy, but there's something special about Jake and Gina. They've known each other since they were kids (which is true of Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti, too, just FYI), and they're always up for some fun and games. They speak the same language, they share that same childish impishness and creativity, and they're as wacky as they are smart. 

They also learn from each other. Ironically, it's Gina who's usually the voice of reason, but those more serious moments between her and Jake (like in season 1 when he loses his apartment) are beautiful and special because they show maturity and transparency.

Jake and Gina are an awesome duo.   

Brinn and Ia - Ignite The Stars

Please read Ignite The Stars if you haven't already! 

As I said in my review, this female friendship is one to rival even Inej and Nina's. It's that amazing. Brinn and Ia are both fierce young women, but they're on opposite sides of the law when this book begins. They start off by hating each other, distrusting every move the other person makes, but by the end of the story they get to see each other's hearts and the motivations for the things they do.

It's a beautiful friendship, with excellent development. If you like sci-fi adventures with badass girls, then you need to read this novel.

Rhen and Grey are an awesome bromance from Brigid Kemmerer's latest YA novel. Grey holds Rhen together, he's his rock, he's his voice of reason, and he's always there with his unwavering loyalty.

These men hold each other up and have each other's backs. When one of you is cursed to be a terrifying monster every now and then, to stick around is some feat.  

Stefan and Lexi - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Lexi's friendship was fantastic. She was the encouraging voice in his head when he didn't know how to keep fighting, she was the person who got him to lighten up, to loosen up, and to have fun. She taught him that being a vampire didn't mean he didn't deserve happiness - she drilled sense into him, made him smile. She pulled him back from the edge whenever he lost control, and for a long time she was the safe place he needed.

In a way, Lexi was the sister Stefan never had. She was certainly a better sibling than Damon ever was. 

Cinder and Iko - Cinder

Theirs might not be a conventional friendship (Cinder is a cyborg, after all) but that doesn't mean it's anything less special. Throughout the series, Iko and Cinder have each other's backs and are always ready to fight for each other. Iko sticks by Cinder's side despite the fact it could (and almost does) get her killed, while Cinder respects and values Iko more than she does anyone else.

They're each other's biggest cheerleaders - always and forever.  

Caledonia and Pisces - Seafire

Cala and Pisces have known each other since they were kids. They lost their families at the same time, and this tragedy brought them closer together. I love how they complement each other, how Cala knows just how sacrificial Pisces is and when to pull her back before she hurts herself; how Pisces understands Cala's demons like no one else, and knows how to get through to her.

These two girls would die for each other.  

Nicholas and Sophia - Wayfarer

I found the first book in this duology to be extremely disappointing. But book 2 was phenomenal. The reason? Friendships.  

Nicholas and Sophia are enemies in Book 1. They're total opposites, they hate each other, they constantly argue, and as a result they're less than thrilled when circumstances force them together in Book 2. They're forced to trust and rely upon each other, and this makes for a very rocky start.

Eventually, though, their relationship evolves. External forces threaten what they both care about, and they manage to put aside their differences for the greater good. I absolutely love how their relationship evolves. It's such an underrated relationship.

Who are some of your favourite fictional friendships? 

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