What I've Been Watching Recently

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm talking about the movies & TV shows I've been watching recently. It costs to rent films from our dvd store, so I don't watch as many as I used to, but thankfully three of these ones were on Netflix. Let me know if you've seen them - what did you think? 

Bird Box - 2018 film

I only watched this movie because of the hype. I'm shallow, I know. But in the end, I actually enjoyed it. The characterisation was impressive, and although the story was predictable and often contrived, it was a solid film. I surprised myself by liking it.

You - 2018 TV series

Another show I totally watched because of the hype ;) It's good, definitely good, makes for great binge-watching and Shay Mitchell is mesmerising, but Elizabeth Lail is a terrible actress and the series ends awfully.  Won't give spoilers, but it made me angry and frustrated. Yeah, I'll watch season 2, but it better have learnt its lesson.

I love this franchise. Can't stand Tom Cruise, but adore the action and other characters. Every film always improves upon the last one, and this latest edition was absolutely epic. I'll definitely be rewatching.

Jane the Virgin - 2014 TV series

I don't know if I'll stick with this show. I'm on episode three of season 1 and have very little incentive to keep watching. I mean yes, it does have charm and the occasional funny moment, but the acting is generally awful and I'm just not invested in the characters...

What have you been watching? Did you enjoy any of the ones above? 

Do you have any other recommendations? 

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