My Favourite Films as of 2019

I'm actually surprised that I haven't posted on this topic before. Or, well, maybe I have and it's lost somewhere on my blog, but I don't think so...
Anyway. I have a ton of favourite films, but the ones listed here are my absolute faves (as of 2019). They're all so incredible, some of them extremely underrated (at least I think so, lol) and I hope you'll give one or two of them a watch and end up loving them as much as I do!

1: Miss Sloane.

Jessica Chastain kicks butt and takes names in this riveting political thriller. Even if you don't call yourself "political", you might still enjoy the film - I'm not so great with keeping up with our political climate, etc etc, but this movie gripped me from start to finish with its taut dialogue, strong cast, and flawed and three-dimensional heroine. It's absolutely excellent. 

So, so underrated. Chastain deserved an Oscar.

2: Arrival.

I will never stop recommending this movie. It should have won multiple Oscars, and I'm still so furious and so bewildered that it didn't. With a gripping plot that will leave you speechless with shock - not least at its magnificently tragic end - and with a quiet, powerful, and heart-rending performance by Amy Adams, it's easily deserving of accolades.

I'm not even a sci-fi fan, but I was captivated by this movie.

Be warned: that ending hits hard.

3: Batman Begins.

I finally got round to seeing this movie a few weeks ago and OH MY WORD WHY DIDN'T I WATCH IT SOONER. I thought Marvel's films were good, but this - this masterpiece by Christopher Nolan - is on level all by itself. The cast, the writing, the characters, the action, the production.....everything is flawlessly executed.

I have actually seen the third Batman film in the trilogy (watched it years ago and why I watched that one first who knows) and hated it (it was so so so so long and Anne Hathaway was terrible). But this movie - this movie is Batman.

Please can Bale and Nolan come back.

4: Emma.

In my opinion, this is the best Jane Austen film adaption. I love Winslet and Thompson's Sense & Sensibility, but Paltrow's Emma is on another level. It wraps you in a fluffy cocoon of humour, love, and irresistible characters, and takes you on a spellbinding journey. I laughed out loud - I fell in love. It's a beautiful film, perfect for when you need something light and heartwarming.

I'm on....rewatch #5, I think?

5: Fracture.

This was the thriller that got me loving thriller films. It is utterly gripping, with a spectacular plot and mystery and shot full of twists you'll never see coming. 

Gosling and Hopkins are superb, too. I've re-watched the film at least three times.

What are your favourite films as of 2019?

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