6 Resources For Writing Advice

This post is for all the writers out there! The following resources have been invaluable for me, and I hope they can of use to you, too.

I published a post like this sometime last year, but I decided it was time for an updated version with updated resources. Happy reading :)

Kim is a YA author and her debut, Keeper, is the best urban fantasy I've ever read. But she also gives amazing, relatable writing advice on her YouTube channel, and through her warm, conversational manner, encourages, uplifts, and advises writers to go after their dreams and get those books written.

I never used to watch YouTube videos on writing because I'd get bored so quickly ;) But Kim's are engaging and invaluable. I always feel better after I've watched one of her videos.  

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Kristen's articles are another goldmine. She covers all areas of writing on her website, and even has a Facebook group for writers to encourage and help each other. On her Pinterest, she provides numerous writing inspiration boards, too. 

Every article on Well-Storied is sensational. Go subscribe if you want to take your writing to the next level.

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Lara is especially active on Instagram, so follow her there if you want countless tips and practical advice on all and any aspect of writing. She also provides writing templates, etc, on her website, so signing up to her newsletter would be a good move.

I absolutely love her tips. I've learnt so much from her and I love how accessible and practical all her writing advice is. 

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K. M. Weiland's articles are by far the most in-depth resources for structuring your story, building character arcs, and improving your writing. The backbone for everything I write is what I've learned from her. She's revolutionised my fiction, and in the best way. I can't recommend her articles enough.

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Robin is a YA author, and although I haven't had the chance to read her books yet, I've been following her on Instagram and lapping up her writing tips. She always posts such practical, thorough writing tips - ones I immediately screenshot and print out. If you do anything, follow her on Instagram RIGHT NOW.

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E. M. Welsh has a fantastic website, beautifully designed, with excellent articles covering not only fiction writing, but poetry, video game writing, and screenwriting too. She's also got free resources for writers to download, and articles on making a living out of writing.

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I hope you found this post helpful. Where do you find writing advice?

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