6 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

During my early blogging days (way back in 2016) I made a lot of really thoughtless blogging mistakes. The best thing about those mistakes? They taught me something. I'm still learning (obviously) but there have been a few major blogging changes I've made when I realised what I was doing wrong! I hope you find this post interesting.

1: Follow for follow. 

I did this all the time when I first started blogging. I'm ashamed to say it, but I did. I was desperate for followers because A) I wanted people to actually read and react to what I was posting and B) I wanted publishers to send me books and they wouldn't unless I actually had a substantial following.

It was awful. I followed way too many blogs, leaving my link in my generic comment and stopping just short of begging for a follow back. It was terrible and humiliating.

There's a difference because a mutual agreement of "You follow me and I'll follow you and we'll support each other", and a "I'm following you, please follow me back because you owe me".
Focus on relationships, focus on writing strong content, and followers will come. It takes time, it takes hard work, but it happens.

Don't do what I did and act like you're entitled to a follow back simply because you followed a blog in the hope of getting it.

2: Readability matters. 

I wish I had a screenshot of my very first blog design and layout. Proportions weren't too bad, but I had black text highlighted in white, on a pinky purple background. It was messy because a background that's any colour but white is A) hard to read and B) unprofessional.

It just looks abstract and untidy. Not the look I should have been aiming for ;)

3: No rule of thirds. 

Here's a look at one of my early blog graphics:

It's so, so bad. 

The rule of thirds exists for a reason: it gives dimensional, it gives structure, and it gives quality. 2016 Amy just threw text and image and pretty backgrounds in a heap and was content with posting a hot mess. It's hilarious.

4: Cluttered sidebar.

I used to have a lot of widgets in my blog sidebar/s. Over time, I've narrowed it down to the most essential gadgets and my blog is cleaner and tidier because of it. A cluttered sidebar confuses readers, and it can drive them away. A few important but key gadgets are all you need.

5: Not replying to comments.

I have never not replied to comments, but I've noticed a lot of bloggers who seem to ignore the comments they get. And hey, I get the reasons: life is busy, and it takes a lot to reply to every single one when you have a million real-life issues to deal with.

But relationship is key when it comes to blogging, and nothing is more offensive or off-putting than a blogger who ignores the comments they get on their blog. Even a simple broadcast like "Thanks for the comment, I'll reply as soon as I can!" or "Sorry I haven't caught up on my comments yet, life has been hectic" goes a long way when it comes to earning readers' respect. It shows that you're at least making an effort.

6: No option to follow.

This happens so much. Countless times, I've been on a blogger's blog and have unable to follow them because their Follow option is either stuck in some random corner, or it's way way way down on their sidebar.

You want people to follow you and read your content, right? So put that follow button right where they can see it! They're unlikely to stick around if they don't see a subscription option in the first few seconds they're on your blog homepage.

What other blogging mistakes do you know of?

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