3 Netflix Shows You Need To Binge Watch

In desperate need of a new series to binge? I have you covered with these recent Netflix releases!
Each one irresistible in its own way, the shows below present very different but equally enticing stories, characters, and themes. I hope that at least one of them piques your interest!

1: The Bodyguard. 

Bodyguard is a taut political thriller with standout performances from Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes. It's dialogue heavy, and with powerful cinematography and action sequences.

It's a TV show that grapples not only with modern-day terrorism, but also with PTSD and the effects it has not only on a person, but on the people around them. 

If you want to watch a strong British series that's richly acted and filmed, then this one is for you.

2: You.

I debated including You in this list because honestly, I didn't love it when I saw it. The ending is infuriating, and Elizabeth Lail is a terrible actress.

But...it is a great series to binge watch because it's so compulsively watchable (and Shay Mitchell is a total scene stealer). It's addictive. You just have to watch "one more episode" because you need to know what happens. And Penn Badgley is admittedly brilliant.

Beware: it's also disturbingly and crudely sexual, so this show might not be for you. I personally skipped a lot of the perverse scenes ;)

3: Dead To Me.

I stumbled upon Dead To Me and fell in love from the first scene. The cinematography and set design will take your breath away, and the dialogue will captivate you. The acting is brilliant, and the premise is utterly enticing.

The story centres around the complicated relationship between two women: both of them grappling with dark secrets and pain that tie them together in the most shocking ways.

If you like layered female friendships, dirty secrets, and stunning aesthetics, this series is the perfect guilty pleasure to binge over a glass of wine.

And if you only end up watching one of the recommendations in this post, choose Dead To Me!

Have you enjoyed any of these shows?

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