5 Story Elements I Love To Write

It's been a while since I've shared a writing-related post, so here's one for today! As I'm sure is the case for most writers, there are some story elements that will pop up in every book we write. Themes, tropes, trends.....aspects of story we always enjoy. Here are 5 that can be found in my WIPs...


I love flawed characters. I love reading about them, and I love writing about them. Every character I create is an anti-hero or anti-heroine. 

There's nothing I like more than giving a character some dark and terrible deeds to haunt them, or some selfish motivation, or tortured mistakes. My characters always lean more towards being villains than good guys ;) They do bad things, they do things for the wrong reasons, and they're selfish and usually difficult. I make sure they don't cross the line (unless they're the main antagonist) but I like heaping flaws and faults upon them.

Complicated Relationships

The more complicated, the better. Throw in betrays, heartbreaks, jealousy, desperation, devotion - these pop up in all the friendships and romances in my stories. I like putting relationships to the test and pushing the characters involved into difficult directions. I like stirring up mistrust, and bringing up past betrayals, and making them choose between important commitments.

Every single relationship in my books are fraught with dynamic conflicts and evolving feelings. They are never straightforward.


Complicated relationships = heated arguments. I love seeing characters shout, scream, sob, and argue with each other. Forget banter; I want vicious accusations and furious pleas.

Tempers exploding and feelings imploding are my kind of entertainment. 

Intense Fight Scenes

Action scenes are my favourite to write, but not those typical large-scale battles. I prefer one-on-one violent showdowns. Even better if they take place in a claustrophobic or uncomfortable setting. 

When the fighting is limited to small spaces between a small number of people, it can get personal and violent and desperate, and I love writing that. No battles - I want a violent brawl in a tavern, or two characters causing havoc in the kitchen as they knock things to the floor and leap at each other's throats.

Dark Secrets

Even the "good characters" in my stories have dark secrets. I love creating traumatic pasts and giving my characters deep and terrible secrets to harbour, which eventually come out in an explosive fashion.

Everyone needs to be hiding something. It's a terrific ploy for tension, and I milk it for all it's worth.

Writers, what elements can be found in your stories?

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