April Wrap-Up: The One With The Exam

We're almost halfway through the year! I'm so excited for May because A) it's almost winter and I love love love winter and B) it's my birthday month. I've also managed to do some things in April I was dreading (but now am proud of) so I'm glad to put it behind me.

April was a big month for me. I changed my Instagram theme again (again again again again), I booked my learner's license, I went to a 21st party, and I took my very first Matric exam. Partly because of those things, I was stressed. Hugely stressed. I was anxious, I was depressed, and I did not feel great in any way. Of course, now that I've done those things, I'm relieved, but the anxiety and depression are still there. It hasn't been a good month for mental health. If anything, this month has taught me to rely on and trust God more than ever before, and I've also been making a effort to spend significantly more reading the Bible.

Book Review: Viper - by Bex Hogan

I hardly posted at all this month, and for that I blame Instagram (and my mental health). I've been focusing a lot on my Instagram account and that's taken up most of my time. 

- Exam #2! This one will be for Language Arts, and I'm not too worried about it because it's my strongest subject. 

- My birthday! On the 10th of May I'll turn 19. 

- Learner's license! I finally got round to booking a date (the 16th) and I'm feeling confident and prepared. After I get my learner's, I have two years to get my driver's. Pressure's off peeps. 

- Read more! I don't think it was a slump, per say, but I definitely read "halfheartedly" this month. It was probably the stress of my exam and my anxiety and depression and all-round exhaustion, so I guess I have an excuse. But still. I want to read more books in May.

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