5 Tips On How To Get People To Read Your Blog Posts

We've all been there. We write what we think is a brilliant post, something we're incredibly proud of, and no one reads it. Worse, no one even comments. And we feel like failures. 

Sharing your post around the web is a topic for another post, but today this one is all about the little ways we can attract people to our blog posts. Ways we can get them to click and read.

I hope you find these methods helpful :) At least a little bit!

1: The Post Title - 8 words is optimal. 

In a nutshell:

- Be specific.

- Be personal

- Be useful 

- Be creative

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With a post title, you want to catch readers' interest. Obviously. At the same time, though, you don't want to be too wacky or original that it confuses them and makes them skip right over the link. Titles that offer advice or help ("5 tips to help you..." - "3 ideas for the perfect...") are great because they promise to give the reader something. Being specific ("The best thrillers to read when it's cold" instead of "The books to read in winter" - not a great example, but still) grab readers' attention because they're vivid and colourful. They make an impression. They're detailed. They're personal.   

2: Build suspense - think about structure of information.

Think about the point of your post. If you're reviewing a book, what's your overall consensus? If you're talking about an experience you underwent, what lesson did you learn from that experience?

Once you've decided on the theme (or message, so to speak) you have a goal. And personally, I think it's best to only reveal that theme/point/message/goal at the very end of the post. It keeps people reading until the end.

We generally read reviews to find out if the book's worth reading. If the reviewer holds off saying "I loved it!" or "I hated it!" until the very end of the post, we'll generally read through the entire post to get there. Obviously, we can skip, but then it's up to the writer to hold their readers' attention with a great and engaging review until that final point. 

Don't give everything away in the first line of your blog post. If you do, some people will only read the first line. 

3: Think visual.

Photos! Gifs! Graphics! An eye-catching and attractive and aesthetic header image! You don't want to go overboard with the visuals, but it's good to have something to break up the text. 

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Humans like pretty things. Our attention spans have never been shorter (thanks Internet) and we need something bright and interesting to keep us where we are. This most certainly applies to blog posts.  

4: Offer value.

You could be writing for yourself. There's wrong with that. But if you want to get comments and readers and general engagement, you should be at least a bit other-people centred.

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Even in a review, you're giving your readers information about a book. You're sharing useful stuff with them. You're recommending a book, or not recommending a book. Even a non-review post should be offering something - advice, discussion, support - that leaves the reader with a takeaway. They should leave your blog post with something.   

5: Have a hook.

You want to grab your readers not only with a good header image, but with an equally strong and appealing opening line/s. This is something I'm still working on ;) I'm terrible at it.

But hooks are important, and something funny, a personal anecdote, or a controversial or fascinating statement is extremely useful to grab your reader and keep them on your post. The first few lines of your blog post is not the time for an info-dump or backstory. Your readers need to be entertained and intrigued from the very first sentence if you want them to read the whole post.

Do you have any blogging tips? 

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