5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

What's your favourite season? Mine's winter! It always has been, and I think it always will be. I always loathe the hot days and the hot months, but when winter comes around I'm the first to grab a fleecy jacket and beanie and make a steaming cup of coffee...

Sweaty, sticky, uncomfortable, with clothes sticking to your flesh and your hair and face constantly greasy. Yeah, I don't like the heat.

Bring on the cold! At least when you're cold, you can get warmer. But when you're hot, it's hard to cool down.

I prefer cold weather, with all its blankets and rain and hot drinks and comfy outfits :)

I love the rain. One of my favourite memories is being on the beach when it started to rain, and getting completely drenched in my jeans and shirt. It was so refreshing. There's nothing quite like it.

I love the sound of rain. The feel. The smell. It just makes me so happy.

Winter fashion is amazing. The coats, the jackets, the knitwear...I always splurge during the winter months ;) I'd much rather buy a trench-coat than a summery dress.

I love the winter colour palette, the comfy fabrics, the long-sleeved tops, the boots, and the knitted sweaters (the more oversized, the better). I always want to spend money on winter clothes. Summer fashion - not so much.

When it's summer and you're hot and sweaty, you don't want to cuddle up in bed smothered in thick blankets.

Winter allows you to grab those blankets and pillows and just lose yourself in your bed. I love that! It's the most perfect feeling, and it makes me feel so at peace.

Not only do I love the practicalities of winter, but I love the idea of it, too. This reason is kind of strange ;)

Winter aesthetic is all about blankets, hot drinks, chunky knitted sweaters, fleecy socks, and I simply adore that. That image is more appealing to me than summer's pools, beaches, sunbathing and ice-creams. Totally subjective, but still. It's another reason why I love winter :)

What's your favourite season and why?

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