Product Review: Desk Stand™'s Wavy Sit-Stand Table

Today I'm excited to be sharing with you a product that's made my life a lot easier. A huge thank you to Desk Stand™ for the opportunity! Read on for my review and some photos...

The Desk Stand Wavy Table

You can use the wavy sit-stand table to work from your bed, couch, or even stand at your desk and place the wavy table on top. No more slumping, no more stiff backs and necks... relax in bed with your MacBook on a table in front of you. It doesn't even inhibit your typing - you can actually rest your arms or elbows on the table so they're supported, and if you choose not to, your fingers can still glide effortlessly across the keys.

Features of the table: 

- Ventilation slots so your laptop doesn't overheat.

- Groves all around the table, perfect for pencils or pens you don't want sliding off.

-  Ample space for a coffee mug, notebooks, and phone.

- Height adjustable. Simply move the legs outward.

- Lightweight, without being flimsy.

- Collapsable.

desk stand wavy sit-stand table

You can expect the table to creak occasionally if it's on a soft surface. It might wobble slightly, too, if you're typing. That's because the legs are height adjustable and the table's on a soft surface (like your bed).

If you're not typing and instead watching a movie or video, then the table remains perfectly smooth and steady.  

2: Benefits of the Wavy Table.

I suffer from scoliosis, which is an "abnormal lateral curvature of the spine". This makes being on my laptop agonising, and takes the joy out of watching movies and blogging. I get headaches every day and medication doesn't always help, my back and neck are constantly aching, and I'm never completely comfortable.

If I'm sitting at my desk, my laptop isn't at eye level and I have to bend my neck to view it. If I'm in bed, my laptop is awkward and crooked across my knees, and wobbles violently when I try to type. It's terrible.

This wavy sit-stand table has completely improved my laptop experience. 

- Energising. It makes me feel alert and productive. Instead of slumping down with a laptop slanted across my knees, I'm upright, poised, and with space to spread out my notes and simply get on with work.

I haven't had a headache since I started using this table! I've spent hours working and felt comfortable for the entire length of time. Previously, I would have to change position every few minutes because I was so stiff and achy, and when I did I would always have a headache.

- Convenience. There's space for notebooks, pens, or even your phone on the wavy table. I'm a writer, I love notebooks, I have about a million pieces of paper for various stories I'm working on, and now I can lay them out in front of me as I type. When I'm reading an eBook on my laptop, I've also got a firm surface to press on so I can take written notes. When I want to make sure I don't miss a notification on my phone, I can set it before me on the table and keep an eye on it while I use my laptop. It's ideal! 

- No back and neck pain. My laptop screen is at eye level, and I don't have to crane my neck to view it. My neck hasn't been stiff, and my back hasn't ached since I started using this table. There's no nausea from trying to focus on a wobbling laptop screen, either.

About Desk Stand

To give you some background, Desk Stand™ was launched in 2015, in Cape Town, South Africa. Their aim is to build products that offer people a healthy balance between sitting and standing, without compromising the user's productivity, and I love that. It's a mission statement that is clearly reflected in the diverse and economical range of products on their website.

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Thank you so much to Desk Stand™ for sending me this product in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this affect the opinions expressed in my review. 

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