Book Tag: SEEKER - by Kim Chance

I am so excited for the release of Seeker by Kim Chance, which is the sequel and conclusion in the Keeper duology! Having read both books, I can assure you that they are absolute gems in the world of urban fantasy. To celebrate Seeker's upcoming release, I'm participating in the Seeker book tag. If you want to join in, please consider yourself tagged!
Kim is also offering an amazing Preorder Campaign for Seeker, so I encourage you to check that out too...

1. Seeker: What type of book do you "seek" out first when you want to read-
i.e. what genre do you typically gravitate towards as a reader? 

Thriller. Adult thriller is my favourite genre, and I'm always in the mood for it. It's my go-to genre.

2. Maggie: What book character would you want as your best friend? Why? 

I think Jules from Everless would be a wonderful best friend. We'd get on so well. She's impulsive and easily trusting, so I think my tendency to carefully plan and analyse people and situations would complement her traits - her impulsively would also be good for me, and maybe I could learn to be spontaneous once in a while ;)

3. Ty & Lainey: Which "it's complicated" ship do you fangirl/boy over the most? 

Kaz and Inej. They're both so ridden with scars and trauma and so afraid of letting their vulnerabilities be known. But at the same time, they're fiercely loyal to each other and incredibly protective. They have their baggage, and they're only just learning to open up to each other.  Complicated? For sure.

4. Teddy: Who is your favourite bookish mentor? 

Grace from Viper is a fantastic mentor to the book's heroine, Marianne. She's like a mother to the girl, and is a constant source of wisdom, support, and encouragement. She's also level-headed, which Marianne needs.

I love how Grace is equally a best friend, a mother-figure, and a mentor.

5. Oliver: Which prickly or unlikable character do you like the most and why? 

I wouldn't say that Katniss is an unlikeable character, but she is prickly and I like that. I love it. She's so compelling and realistic, and I relate to her a lot. Yeah, she's moody, grumpy, and stubborn, but I relate to that and I understand it. Katniss will always have a special place in my heart.

6. Plot Twist: Which book had an epic plot twist that you never saw coming? 

Big Little Lies is full on when it comes to twists. The ending left me speechless. It's utterly brilliant.

7. Pain is a tether: What's a book that ripped your heart out? 

So many. But The Good Daughter (which is an Adult thriller by Alexandra Burt) completely ripped my soul to shreds. I sobbed throughout that book. It's an intense, extremely traumatic story, but so beautifully written and utterly poignant.

8. The Grand Finale: What book series were you sad to see end?

The Lunar Chronicles! That series could have gone on for 100 books and I would still be reading it. It's the kind of series you never want to end. Perfect dialogue and humour, beautiful ships, twists, action, heartbreak, swoony romance, wonderful has everything.

Please consider yourself tagged if you want to participate!
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