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Hey there. My name is Ruby and I’m from the blog Ruby Rae Reads. I promised this post to Amy ages ago and have only now got to it. Well done me.
I’m a book blogger, and mainly read young adult, but really love middle grade and some adult novels. At one stage, I wanted to be a filmmaker which is why I have such a huge love for movies.

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But without further ado let us get into my favourite movies of the year so far!

I am such a huge fan of superpowers. I’m total trash and instantly love anything where people have some sort of special power. I enjoy Avengers and all those Marvel films, but the X-Men franchise is my favourite. I just love the idea of mutants. So last year I slowly worked my way through rewatching all of them. And the moment I pressed play on this film, I was sucked in. It was so suspenseful and I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time. I’m super picky with stories involving time travel (like I didn’t love Infinity War as much as everyone else) but this one was so well done! All of the characters from all the films are in it, there’s so much going on. The plot was fast and epic and the stakes were super high. It was just so good and I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

You do need to start from the beginning and I know these newer movies have a funny timeline that sometimes doesn’t make sense, but they’re just SO GOOD.

So you have of course heard of this film, it’s been everywhere. I only got to watching it early this year when it came out digitally because I didn’t make the big screen (that makes me sound like I’m a huge movie star and was on the big screen? maybe I am?). But anyways, I also have nothing but praise. It is such an iconic story, and also really sad. The acting was phenomenal. I love this era (I’m more of an 80s person but the 70s is also fascinating).

We love the rock n roll *smirks*. Just trust me when I say it is as amazing as everyone has been saying! We stan Queen, especially Freddie Mercury, the ultimate queen!

I recently just got back into this franchise. I watched all the movies as a kid but I always thought sci-fi was not my thing? Until I had the sudden urge to rewatch the original ones and it was such a fun time. They’re obviously not quality films, the script and set is low-key terrible BUT the characters!! They are what makes Star Wars so popular.

Anyways, I heard that this movie was Han Solo’s backstory and it had a heist and action, so I was in. And I also just had a FUN time, I don’t know how else to describe it. Han is one of my favourite characters, he’s funny and witty. It is just a brilliant space heist. We learn where Chewie is from. Emilia Clarke stars in it which instantly makes it better because she’s a queen.

This film doesn’t feel like a SW film, it just felt like a fun, action-packed space film and it was a MARVELLOUS time!!

Yes I am probably the last person on the planet to watch this and I am a terrible person. But I finally did it so you can stop shunning me haha. So I didn’t know that this was set in the early 2000s which is one of my favourite film time periods. It was just such an amazing, very accurate, coming-of-age film. Saoirse Ronan (who is so talented) is our lead which you probably know. But also Timothee Chalamet who I ADORE and is one of my favourites. I loved the mother-daughter relationship which we don’t get to see that much of in films. The ending was just WOW! I’m shooting myself in the foot for not watching it sooner. Just SO GOOD and I loved it so much!

Okay so this film is quite old, it’s from the 90s but I’d NEVER heard of it. But I saw Ethan Hawke (plus it was like 100% on Rotten Tomatoes) so I was intrigued and decided to watch it. And wow. Just wow. It’s about these young people who are on a train both heading to different parts of the world. But they hit it off and decide to get off the train and explore Vienna together before they have to go their separate ways. So the film takes place over the course of just about a day and it just discusses these topics about meeting people, your relationships with other people and all kinds of other good stuff (they say so much so it’s hard to remember haha). The characters felt so wise and it really makes YOU also mull over what they’re saying. There’s a romance, and it’s not too overpowering nor is it insta-love.

There are two other films in this franchise which I binged straight afterwards and also really loved. They’re all quite slow going but so worth it. If you’re like me and also hadn’t heard of these two before then I definitely recommend you give them a go!

This was also a rewatch for me, but like I remembered almost nothing so it was like watching it for the first time. I’d seen it years ago and all I remember was that it was amazing. And obviously because it’s on this list, it was still as amazing. It involves this young black boy who befriends a young white boy at the rich private school he’s been accepted to. The young boy’s mother takes the black boy under her wing, basically adopting him, and he turns out to be really good at football. The film is set in Texas in a very racially prejudiced town, so it is quite hard-hitting but just SO FREAKING GOOD. Sandra Bullock is in it and she won an Academy Award for her performance. I don’t want to ruin anything so just please do yourself and watch it! You won’t be sorry.

So if you know me, then well you know that I adore Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He’s my little baby and low-key his appearance in Endgame was what made the film for me whoops. So like I love this boy. I went to see this one the day it came out in cinema, plus we went to see it in 4DX which was a new experience. And I cried! Which as I’ve said is a rare sight. But my heart just broke for this boy. I just love how they’ve incorporated this energetic, ramble-y character whom I really relate to. I’m waiting for it to come out on digital so I can rewatch it and get my feelings solid because I was super anxious throughout this film.

Anyways, Spider-Man? What else do you need to know to watch them? Trust me you’ll be making the best decision of your entire life.

Now this film. We must just take a second to appreciate how stunning it is. I was never a huge HTTYD fan like some others. But the trailer looked amazing so I really wanted to see it. It’s animation obviously, and the first two are super fun, like I really enjoyed them. There’s dragons (!!) and humour and great characters. But this film just took it to a whole new level. The story was beautiful and sad. The soundtrack was amazing. I was in the cinema and sobbing by the end (which takes a lot especially in a public place).

I just... If you haven’t started these yet, I highly recommend just so you can feast your eyes on this beaut of a film.

Thank you so much for this post, Ruby! A few of these films are new to me, and now I definitely want to watch them. 

What about you? Have you enjoyed any of these movies? 

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