Monthly Wrap-Up: The One Where I Hardly Blogged

Here is my long overdue life update (and monthly wrap-up) post. I hope you all had a wonderful September, and that October treats you well :) If I haven't visited your blog in a while, apologies! I'm very behind on blog hopping, and hoping to get back into it during October.

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I did not blog much this month. I was either preoccupied with my Instagram account, or writing articles, or just too stressed with life stuff to concentrate on writing a post. Hopefully October will be better!

I watched so many movies this month, which was wonderful. Most of them were just ones off Netflix. Some I hated (Tall Girl), some I loved (The Blind Side, Downton Abbey) and some I didn't have strong feelings on (Mary Queen of Scots).

I'll probably be doing a mini film review post soon.

Life has been busy. I've been writing articles, short stories, and working on applications for next year. The whole application process has been stressful because of several complications, and that kind of whacked the energy out of me for a while.

I'm very active on my Instagram account (except for the occasional and very sudden hiatuses) and I'd love to follow you if you're there! Feel free to leave your handle in the comments :)

I'm reading Naked Mole Rat Saves The World for the upcoming blog tour and so far it's enjoyable. The Deathless Girls is fantastic and compulsive, Anna Undreaming I haven't got very far into yet, and Cirque de la Lune is something I'm reading slowly on the side.

How was your September? What did you enjoy reading and watching last month? 

What are your plans for October? 

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