My Top 5 Films Of 2019

Today I'm sharing my five favourite movies of 2019! These aren't necessarily movies that were released in 2019, but they're the movies I watched in 2019. What were your favourite movies this year?

I adored this movie. It was utterly escapist and pure, and the cast was perfect. Speechless is now one of my favourite songs, too :)

I was very surprised to love this film as much as I did. I generally don't like animated movies (at.all) but I wanted to see this one because of all the hype (*cough* Twitter *cough*). The result: I fell in love with the characters, the songs, the emotions, the themes, and I thoroughly enjoyed how much more mature it was compared to the first film.

Currently, I'm addicted to the soundtrack ;)

I always enjoy an action-packed Western, but 3:10 To Yuma gave me so much more than that. The turbulent, compelling characters, the slicing dialogue, the gritty chemistry between Bale and's all so consuming and gripping. 

I finally got round to seeing this movie after putting it off again and again. It blew me away. Christian Bale is the best Batman, hands down, and Christophe Nolan is a genius. Everything about the film is so thoughtful and breathtakingly cinematic.

I didn't consider myself a Downton fanatic anymore, but this film changed that. It was so beautiful and fun, and the perfect accumulation of these characters and their relationships. It made my heart sing. 

What were your favourite films of 2019?

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