My Top Anticipated Movies of 2020

There are so many amazing movies coming out this year, and I can't wait to watch all of them. Here are my top anticipated films of 2020 - what are yours?

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the trailer is BRILLIANT (so many chills) and Amy Adams needs her Oscar. This film better deliver.  

YES MULAN. I've always loved her story and her character, and I hope and pray this live-action movie does her justice. The trailer certainly looks fantastic. 

The trailer is brilliant, and I love the premise and the cast of this film. Guy Ritchie is also a great director. 

Krasinski is an excellent director, and I'm excited to see what happens in this sequel. Also, Cillian Murphy is part of the cast, which makes me eager and curious to see how he fits into the story. 

So this actually released last year, but here in South Africa we're only getting it in February. I can't wait. The story is one of my favourites, Greta Gerwig is a flawless director,  the cast is perfection, and I've watched the trailer way too many times...

The trailer is AMAZING. I can't wait for the 80's vibe and more Steve and Diana <3

What 2020 movie releases are you excited for?

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