Mini Book Review: STOLEN TIME (Dark Stars #1) - by Danielle Rollins

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Published: January 2020 - Harper Teen.
Genre: Young adult / romance / fantasy / time travel.
Pages: 432.
Triggers/Content Advisory: Mild sexual innuendos.  
Format: Paperback.
Source: Thank you so much to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts are my own. 

Seattle, 1913 
Dorothy spent her life learning the art of the con. But after meeting a stranger and stowing away on his peculiar aircraft, she wakes up in a chilling version of the world she left behind—and for the first time in her life, realizes she’s in way over her head.

New Seattle, 2077 
If there was ever a girl who was trouble, it was one who snuck on board Ash’s time machine wearing a wedding gown—and the last thing he needs is trouble if he wants to prevent his terrifying visions of the future from coming true.