KNIVES OUT - 2019 film

A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.

Released: November 2019 (US).

Director: Rian Johnson.

Cast: Chris Evans | Daniel Craig | Ana de Armas | Jamie Lee Curtis | Katherine Langford |  Don Johnson | Toni Collette. 

Triggers/Content Advisory: Mild violence and scary scenes.

Source: Rented. 

I feel as if I’ve been waiting for a good murder mystery film for a long time. Does anyone feel the same? Because if you do, I’m delighted to say that Knives Out exceeds expectations and delivers an exciting and genius mystery story. I loved it.

The writing is excellent. The dialogue is witty and compelling, the direction and cinematography are sharp, and the set design and costumes all work together to build a rich, dark, and atmospheric world.

The story keeps you guessing. The twists and turns are original and clever. I love how the story plays with what you think you know, but also provides a satisfying conclusion at the end. It’s such a triumphant ending.

Daniel Craig’s American accent is questionable, but the cast is great. Ana de Armas is phenomenal and I’m floored by her vulnerable but fierce portrayal of Marta. She owns the film. And everyone else is good, too. I love ensemble casts with colourful characters, everyone hiding secrets, and complicated agendas and relationships. When you have strong actors and strong writing, it just works so beautifully.

Knives Out is smart, endlessly entertaining, and original. The story and the cast are perfect. 
If you’re looking for a fun murder mystery thriller, this is it.

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