I'm saying goodbye to this blog

 I'm saying goodbye to this blog and launching a new website dedicated to movies and TV shows.

It’s surreal to be typing this, but I know I’ve made the right decision and I look forward to the changes this decision will bring.

I will not be blogging about books or reviewing books as of January 2021. I’ve been a book blogger for 5 years, and for a while now I’ve recognised my need to make a change. I still love books, I still love reading, but I want to enjoy books without posting about them online or reviewing them in a public space. I need a break from that.

I’ll still have this blog. I’m not deleting anything (blood, sweat, and tears - literally - went into it over the years!) but I won’t be posting on here anymore. Instead, I’m moving to a new website, where I’ll be reviewing movies, chatting about TV shows, and sharing my own personal screenwriting. I hope to see you over there :)

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you. It’s because of blogging, other bloggers like you, and books, that these last 5 years have been the best years of my life. Literally. This community has saved me from what was at times, a very lonely and isolated existence. Thank you for that. Thank you for the support. For the comments, and the follows, and the discussions and love and fangirling moments and sharing everything and anything to do with life and books. I am honoured to have been a part of the book blogging community and I’m sad to leave. I hope the friendships we’ve formed will continue, even if we can’t interact on my own book blog. 

If you’d still like to keep in contact (and I hope you will!) follow the links below:

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