About Me

In 2016, as a 16 year-old introvert, I started a book blog to connect with people who shared my love of reading. This blog ignited my passion for writing, and soon I wasn’t only writing about the books I received from publishers, but I was also reviewing movies, discussing TV shows, and penning my own novels and screenplays. Since then, my love for emotionally driven, thrilling stories has only increased. For a long time, I wanted to become an author. I still do. But it wasn’t until a friend suggested that I study copywriting that I started seriously thinking about digital content creation and online writing as a career path.

So, I did what I always do: I researched, wrote pro and con lists, and did an excessive amount of overthinking. Now, I have my heart set on a career as a copywriter, social media manager, and editor (while also writing those novels and films).

Severe social anxiety makes it hard for me to enjoy social interactions, but I love writing. It's always been an escape for me. Connecting online with people who love books, movies, and writing as much as I do has been one of the incredible highlights of starting this blog. 

P.S. I'm also an INFJ and Type 6 on the Enneagram. Coffee keeps me {relatively} sane.