About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Amy.

I'm an INFJ personality type, which was an eye-opening and life-changing realisation for me. It was the start of a journey I'm still on - learning to accept myself, appreciate my introvert soul, and work on exploring what I found I could do well in a world that had always made me feel "wrong" for being quiet, thoughtful, and shy. It changed my life. It continues to change it.

I spend most of my time dreaming and creating. I'm spellbound by stories, profoundly in love with words, and passionate about supporting women, speaking up about mental illness, and listening to understand. To keep up with the maelstrom of stories and characters in my head, I drink a lot of coffee.

I'm happiest when it's pouring with rain outside, there's a mug of coffee in my hand, and I get to cuddle up in blankets and watch one of my favourite TV shows. F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Gilmore Girls are both good choices :)

Behind The Blog

I started this blog in August 2016 as a 16 year-old girl who loved reading but hadn't done much of it.

The blog soon became an amazing escape for me. I'm not an eloquent speaker, and my anxiety makes it hard for me to enjoy social interactions. But I love writing. I'd always written stories as a child, but in this digital space I found so much more to explore, learn, and utilise.

Through the blog, I discovered I had a passion for films and books, too. As a result, I fell into that niche. Not only did I start reading more and watching more, but the actual act of typing a blog post allowed me to express myself through written words, and that in turn gave me a confidence and voice I didn't know existed. It was that experience that instilled in me a profound adoration for words.

Writing a blog post, connecting with like-minded bloggers, has given me an incredible opportunity to have fun, learn, and improve my writing. It's become a beautiful space for me.

Blog Topics

- Book reviews
- Movie reviews
- Writing
- Romanticised abuse
- Mental health
- Lifestyle